Early Morning Clouds

I honestly don’t know what I was looking for when I woke up well before dawn today, but sometimes that’s the fun of it.   Soon enough, I stopped at Taylor’s Bull Branch Park, less than a mile from home, thinking there might be some pre-dawn mist hovering above the water.   Since there wasn’t,  I just shot photos.  A little ahead of sunrise, these  cloud formations begged for attention.  I obliged, then drove home and finished a book, but not before the rain started, washing away those clouds.   Things are fleeting.

“Same Time Next Year” at the Palace

“Same Time Next Year,” a story about a couple, married to others, who rendezvous each year over a 25-year period,  from the early-50s through the late-70s, opens tonight at the Georgetown Palace. The show only stars two actors, Jill Leberknight and Damon Brown, who in real life are a married couple, making their stage presence a safer happening.  Brown is also the production’s director.    Since this is an indoors production, protocols are in place.  Every attendee is required to wear a face mask.  Couples or small groups are separated by at least two seats on each row.  And complete rows are skipped.   No concessions are provided.   In a time of intense upheaval, I’m glad to see this production go forward.   The play will run through February 28.   Go see it if you can.

Just Windmills

Although mentioned quite often, I have an affection for these rural skyscrapers adorning the Blackland Prairie.    The opening photo, north of Granger, is surrounded by some really showy sunset lighting.   The other image, south of Granger, was taken well past sundown tonight.   It might be more subtle than the first one, but that’s okay.  

Benny and Martini

A good friend,  a rancher (and writer)  in Circleville,  has two beautiful horses, Benny and Martini.   I’ve photographed them before, but it’s been quite a while.   Benny is the white horse adorned with one arresting blue eye.   Normally, when posting a grouping, I’ll start with the first photos taken, but this time let’s start with the last one, taken well past sunset on an already-cloudy day.   I like its moodiness.   And I like these horses.

Tree Variations

A friend has a picturesque ranch in Circleville, Texas.   While much of it has been documented with my cameras,  a mesquite tree perched on a hill always gets my attention.   These are four variations taken on different evenings.   Miles is the sweet pooch who makes his way into one of the photos.   I have a love-hate relationship with power lines, but there they are.  

Where’s My Human?

Something seen while passing through the Georgetown square this weekend.   She (he) seemed to be pining for her human.   Thankfully, the truck was parked.   I’m guessing her human wasn’t too far away.   It was a nice day to be outdoors.

Fly Fishing on the San Gabriel

During my wanderings this morning I happened on four friends fly fishing along the South Fork of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown.    Connected via their church, Round Rock’s First United Methodist Church, they enjoy getting together for these outings.   The San Gabriel and fly fishing go well together.