Autumn Color Comes to Georgetown

Just yesterday I was lamenting the lack of fall color to a photographer friend in Georgetown, Texas.   One of the few things I miss about living in the southeast U.S. was their autumn.   Thankfully, right after parting for the day with my friend, I happened on this scene at Chandler Park, where a nice young fellow was enjoying an afternoon of fishing.   Granted, it’s not New England, but it was a sight to see for me.

A Montone Interlude on a Cloudy Halloween

For the first time in a while, I didn’t venture out to photograph trick-or-treaters on Halloween.   Not being one to sit around, I moseyed into the countryside after a series of rain showers came through the Blackland Prairie.   When I viewed the images in color, they just didn’t feel right.   So tonight, when I’m not keeping in tune with the Astros, you get monotone.

Prairie Grass … One More Look

You might say “Andy just posted something on prairie grass recently.”   While you’d be spot on, I found myself in a whole field of it last weekend, behind a church in Georgetown, Texas.    I couldn’t resist the temptation.   Yes, it’s a weed, but doggone it, I love it when it glows.

County Road Water … And a Pooka

These are some photos taken recently on some of our soothing county roads in my little slice of Texas.   With this post you’ll see stock ponds, or tanks, plus an unnamed creek coursing through the land.   What you’ll also see, in the last photo, is a pooka.   Consider this a teachable moment, friends.   Do some research, learn about the pooka.  When I took the photo, I didn’t see it.  That may tell you something.    While you’re at it, find, and watch, “Harvey,”  starring Mr. Jimmy Stewart.  

A Visit to Thrall, Texas

Let’s meander a little east of Taylor, but not too far.  A short drive on U.S. Highway 79 and you’re in Thrall, Texas, population around 900.   These images aren’t tied together by anything other than geography.   The opening photo continues a fascination with railroad tracks.   Those rails run east-west through the heart of town.  Next to the tracks are what appear to be cotton storage bins, or perhaps an old gin.   It makes sense to have the crop close to the tracks.   The others?  Well, there’s Krieg Brothers Chevrolet, on Main Street.   I’m pretty sure it’s been closed for a while.   Then just a few snaps around town, including Thrall United Methodist Church, the Thrall Volunteer Fire Department headquarters, a decrepit old building on Main Street.   My favorite, however, is from the town’s Tiger Stadium, where the Thrall junior varsity team was taking on the squad from Rosebud, Texas.    A few years ago, I covered a high school game here for the Austin American-Statesman.   I determined to go back for a look at the stadium at some point.   It’s so very small-town Texas.   The few short minutes I was there, I met some nice people in the stands.  We’re blessed with many nice people. 

The Flow of Prairie Grass

This fall, while seeking out new subject matter for my lenses, I started noticing, and appreciating the beauty of prairie grass.   If you pause to consider for a moment, you come to the same conclusion that I did …. it’s a weed.   But think about this, friends.   Most of our Texas wildflowers, the bluebonnet among them, are from that family of invasive plants that dot our landscape.    During the day, when light is harsh and unforgiving, that grass really is pesky-looking.   Viewed at the beginning, or end, of a day, however, it transforms, relishing in the sun’s kiss on its surface.   Beauty is where you find it, friends.

Visiting With the Birds … Staying Dry

These are some photos I took last evening at Taylor’s Murphy Park.   Yep, once again another visit to the rookery.   The images were taken with a new (well, almost new) camera so what you see here is getting to know the gear.  There are some details I have to work out, but for the most part, I think the camera will be fine.  That little slice of moon in the final photo is a Waxing Crescent phase.    As for the birds, you’re seeing a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, and, of course, some ducks.   “Staying dry?” you might ask.   If you recall, yours truly took a tumble in the San Gabriel River recently, sinking a camera in the process.   I love water, but my little tools do not.

Getting Just the Right Pumpkins

While I’ve already photographed the unloading of pumpkins at two Georgetown churches,  it seemed like a good idea to visit with some shoppers. My destination was First United Methodist Church in Georgetown, where there was plenty of Saturday afternoon fun.   All the photos presented are suitable for publication in the Williamson County Sun, but I particularly like two:  the father, shopping with his one-month-old daughter for her first Halloween, and the little princess, making adjustments to her tiara.    This is a fundraiser, folks.  They’re not running out anytime soon because. 1500 more pumpkins were scheduled to arrive from Northern New Mexico this afternoon.