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On the Trail at Lake Georgetown

On a recent warm, cloudy autumn evening I decided to take a stroll on the trail that borders Lake Georgetown.   The initial idea was to look for some autumn color.   I did find a little splash here and there, but what really got my attention was not colorful leaves, but the trees, or remnants of trees (stumps) along the path.   Honestly, I can’t name the type of wood.   For lack of a better word, I’m calling it driftwood.   What you see here are color  images, followed by their black-and-white counterparts.   Don’t get me wrong, friends.   I like color.    On this foray along the trail, however, I found the simplicity of monotone more to my liking.   These were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Monday Night Wandering

Tonight’s just some rambling along bits of the Blackland Prairie.   The places might be familiar, but hopefully different, too.   The opening photo is on a county road between Taylor and Hutto.  That tree is kind of crowding the old barn, but the barn is steadfast.   The others take us about 10 or so miles east, to Wuthrich Hill, where I visited Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery, with its stately tree.  The light in the lower right apparently shines on the gravestone each night.  That’s kind of neat.   Then there’s the church itself, up on its hill.  It IS Wuthrich Hill, after all.     It’s facade is getting encroachment from those trees, but it’s still with us.   And yes, that’s my Honda in the last photo.   Sometimes, it’s hard to move everything.  And I don’t remove things with software.   Not gonna happen.

A Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

For several years, I make my own pilgrimage just up the road from home, to Taylor’s Immanuel Lutheran Church for their amazing and inspiring live nativity, Pilgrimage to Bethlehem.  Each year it is performed over two evenings.  Every year brings more guests.  While I’ve been working on these photos tonight, my wife took a drive there mentioned just how crowded it was.   The feat is coordinated by Immanuel, but several churches in the area, not all Lutheran, help bring it home each year.   There are no live animals, but the life-size cutouts of sheep and camels is very realistic!   Last night, when shooting the photos, I had to touch one just to be sure about it.    The last image is kind of unusual, one of the costumed  docents walking down a hallway.   From a distance, the red light appeared to be forming a cross.  Maybe I’m seeing something not there, but it got my attention.  Donations were collected for Taylor’s Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry and the Hutto Food Pantry.   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

On the River at Georgetown’s Fishing Derby

Although mighty chilly at 7:30 this morning, with temperatures in the mid-upper 30s, a nice crowd turned out at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, Texas for the annual Fishing Derby hosted by Georgetown Parks and Recreation.   The tournament, which awarded prizes for fish caught, was open to everyone, but was definitely a kid-friendly experience.   I did, however, meet up with a 77-year-old angler who was getting in touch with his inner-child!   The parks folks stocked the San Gabriel River with 1200 rainbow trout.   Even those not catching a fish appeared to be having a good time.  It’s a nice thing to see kids enjoying the outdoors .. even when cold.   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

A Christmas Offering at the Palace

“A Christmas Carol” begins its run tonight at the Georgetown Palace Theater.   Director Ron Watson has assembled a wonderful cast, including Curt Olson playing Ebenezer Scrooge.     While the cast and crew are first-rate, I am always grateful to see the name Faith Castaneda as lighting designer.   She knows light.    Go see this production if you’re in Central Texas, friends.  The uplifting production runs through December 30. 

Southwestern’s Candlelight Service

On this cold Central Texas night, attendees weren’t deterred from visiting Southwestern University’s Lois Perkins Chapel for two candlelight services celebrating the Season of the Advent.  It’s a beautiful tradition that began at the school in 1915, originally called the Christmas Carol Service.  The chapel has been home to these services since its construction in 1951.   These photos are for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Livestock Shows … Work … Joy … and Drama

This week I’ve been covering the Williamson County Livestock Association’s 72nd Annual Livestock Show at the Wilco Expo Center in Taylor.  Williamson County, Texas is near a big city (Austin), but kids here embrace the country life.   It’s evident during these events.  Highs and lows are the norm each time I attend.  The little lady embracing her goat in the opening photo is someone who has been in front of my camera before.  As much as I try, it’s hard to not document her work. Even though she’s just 8, she works with her animals like a pro.   One little boy with this post couldn’t hold back his emotions during breeding goat competition.   While I can’t say what the problem was, it was great to see such a supportive father there to make things better.   Anyway, my coverage focuses on goats, lambs and a few pigs.   These youngsters live and breathe this stuff.

Autumn Color in Taylor

Where we live, autumn color can be subtle, but it’s here.   On recent daily walks, I’ve begun to take notice of Taylor’s Bull Branch Park, almost always a part of my long and winding route through town.    If you’ve followed previous posts you already know how much I admire this park, just a few blocks from our house.   The cypress trees have been morphing from green, to yellow, orange, and what might pass for red, providing a gentle canopy for the stream that flows into the park’s pond, then meanders on, eventually flowing into Murphy Park.   The ducks and geese usually get my attention, but not on these outings.  The first nine photos were taken in late-afternoon and early evening, on a bright sunny day of warm light.  The ninth photo, tripod-mounted, satisfies my night photo urges.   The final seven photos weren’t planned, but on Sunday morning Taylor, and the park, were layered with fog, creating a whole new palette.   It finishes up with a dad and son on the dock, catching bass.   There’s a lot of. photos here, but I was having a lot of fun, even if my editing skills were suffering.   

They Are All “Super”

Honestly?  I wasn’t going to take the bait when a program I was listening to this weekend mentioned that Sunday would be the final Super Moon of 2017.   Listen, friends.  They’re all super.   If you’ve followed my nonsense for a while, tonight’s post might look similar to what I did two Decembers ago.   It’s at the same place, Taylor’s Heritage Square Park, where I found the Christmas lights, combined with the moon, made a sparkling combination.   There it is.