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The Best Aspect of Spring in Texas

Spring is not my favorite season.   Sinus issues beginning at birth, exacerbated by allergic reactions,  does not endear me to this season.   For friends in chillier climates, I completely understand why they’re ready to thaw out.   With few exceptions, our winters are mild.  Spring and summer, however, pretty much run together.   It’s only March 21st, but our central air is rolling along right now.   By June?  Watch out!   The best part about this season, however, are wildflowers, particularly our state flower, the bluebonnet.   I photographed this old cemetery for the first time in 2018.   Sure enough, it was already covered with beautiful blooms.    Consider this an obligatory wildflower post, friends.   There could be more.  We’ll see.

Moon Over New Sweden

Occasionally, when I see friends living in metropolitan communities posting their moon photos, there’s a feeling that I need to be in those places, too.  Their images are beautiful.   Then again, when wandering north of Manor, Texas tonight, seeing the full moo, a Worm Moon,  rise brightly above New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church, I think again about where we are.  And it’s okay.   Today is the beginning of Spring, a season for which I really have little fondness (except for wildflowers), but we persevere, don’t we?  Out here in the boonies, we have our own kind of skyscrapers.  This church would be one of them.  Yes, it’s good to be here.

Almost Spring at Murphy Park

As Spring approaches, each year I keep my eyes on Murphy Park’s rookery in Taylor in anticipation of the egrets coming to nest.   While a few of them have arrived, it’s not so active quite yet.   I made a swing by there last night to see what I could see anyway.   Even without the egrets, it’s a pretty nice place to be.   There are plenty of ducks, geese and cormorants though, good places to aim a camera.   And the moon was almost full, too.   It’s probably more so tonight, but a cloud cover wasn’t giving us a peek.   This little batch of photos from last evening will have to suffice.

South of the San Gabriel

As development continues to ride herd on where we live, I continue to look for places where serenity still exists.  Last evening my Honda and I motored through the far reaches of East Williamson County.  For a time we tucked into Milam County, then wandered back toward home. I found this restful scene a hair’s breath east of Hare, Texas, a stone’s throw south of the San Gabriel River.    This time, thankfully, I had a spot to pull off the road for a few minutes to observe some beautiful horses.

A Little Time in Granger

These are some recent photos taken in Granger, Texas, one of those Blackland Prairie towns where I spend some time with my camera. The most recent census indicates the town’s population is a little over 1400.  Prominent here is Saints Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church.   Its commanding spire can be seen in the opening photo.  The stained glass windows are impeccable. Into the Granger mix are some photos from the east side of downtown, on East Davilla Street.  Included are a weathered storefront, streetlights radiating a warm evening glow, and the old Granger City Hall building, built in 1908-09.   No longer used as city offices, the town hopes to. restore it when funds allow.   Thank goodness they want to save this bit of Texas history.

Georgetown’s First Photography Festival

Photographer David Valdez, the first President Bush’s personal photographer, and the Williamson Museum joined together on Saturday for Georgetown’s first-ever photography festival.   The first part of the day was pretty chilly, but I’m guessing somewhere around a hundred photographers and photo enthusiasts showed up with their cameras and their smart phones.   Several photographers displayed their work for participants, but the day was about attendees snapping photos, which they did with gusto.   Coinciding with the festival was Pistons on the Square Car Show, giving photographers some grand subject matter.   As yours truly is a photographer, even though covering the day for the Williamson County Sun, I made a few photos of the lovely town square before the sun’s first light filled the day.  Those are included here, too.

On County Roads Along the Prairie

Spring begins next week.  Looking around my Blackland Prairie this week, I’d say it’s arrived.  Not officially, of course, but it’s close.    Tonight’s post is just another collection of things seen on Wednesday and Thursday evening.  The opening photo, as well as the last image, are the same windmill photographed on the same night, but with different points of view.   Most times I just wander.  Or ramble.   It’s what I do.  My therapy.

Some Old Images From My Shreveport Days

This will coincide with my social media post I call old junk Thursday.   These are three photos all taken in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana.  The first image is the most recent, made in January 1980.  With all the grousing about my profession in recent years, I still like thinking about this old gentleman relaxing with his newspaper inside the lobby of the Creswell Hotel.   My guess is both he, and the hotel, are no longer with us.   The other two were both made on the same day, September 10, 1975, a time of year when it was still dang hot in northwest Louisiana.  In the second photo, a gentleman hangs his head out the window of the Medical Arts Building, hoping for a little breeze.  Note the price of parking at the bottom of the image.   The last photo was taken as a city bus ambled by, his window rolled back to get a bit of breeze, such as it was.   It’s a subtle photo, but nice to happen onto something not seen that first time in 1975.

Market Days Joy

This one’s a few days old, but I wanted to share with you my favorite image from last Saturday’s Market Days, held in downtown Georgetown, Texas.   This little guy with long curly hair and a mighty fine umbrella, was at the peak of joy.   Market Days will continue on the second Saturday of each month through November.

For the Love of Longhorns

Passing my some friends’ house last week, I noticed some new Texas Longhorn family members wandering in their field.   I stopped by for a few minutes to introduce myself and welcome them to the neighborhood.   One of those bovine parents, however, was very protective.  I do get that.  I do love these cows!