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The Lights of Georgetown

Georgetown, Texas brands itself as “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.”   You know what?  It is.   While it’s gorgeous throughout the year, during the Christmas season it takes things up a notch.  Maybe a couple of notches.   These are a few shots taken Monday night.   I particularly like how the dome of the Williamson County Courthouse (opened in 1911) shines a beautiful green.   The last photo, Razmataz Salon, is just an image I like.  

Autumn at Berry Springs Park & Preserve

The colors of Autumn are in our rearview mirrors as winter approaches.   These are a few photos taken recently  at Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park  & Preserve.   While the park is locally known for its pecan groves, there are other things that merit a look.  These are mostly pictorials, but included are a mom and daughter enjoying their day.   Photojournalism sneaks into some of these posts occasionally.  


Spreading Cheer in Bartlett

While wandering tonight, I found Santa Claus in downtown Bartlett, Texas.   Honestly, I was looking for some Christmas holiday lights adorning East Clark Street.  As I prepared to move onto plan B, however, along comes Santa Claus strolling down the street.   So I tagged along with Old St. Nick as he got sniffed by a dog, peeked into a window at sleeping cats and generally just smiled and waved.   “It was something I’ve been wanting to do,” he explained.   He’d invited his wife along for the stroll, but being lone Santa was in the cards.   He made me smile a little.  I told him he made my night.   And he did.   Little bits of life are happening all around us, but sometimes we have to look closely to find them.


Morning Fog in Taylor. Going Mobile.

If you’ve followed these posts long enough you know of my aversion to mobile phones for photography.  You also know that during daily two-hour walks in Taylor, I wanted to capture things I saw.  My “professional” cameras were too big to tote.   So I’ve carried an inexpensive ($125 new) Motorola smartphone on these daily walks for a couple of years.   On Friday morning’s outing, fog caressed the the landscape.   These few photos were made with that low-end mobile device.   I continue to prefer the serious camera, but the phone’s handy sometimes.

One More From Last Night

When posting Georgetown’s Lighting of the Square Friday night, there’s one image overlooked, but when re-editing again this morning, this photo of the crowd holding up their mobile devices just prior to the actual lighting has a nice moodiness to it.   So here you go.

Community Thanksgiving in Georgetown

Part of this very busy Thanksgiving was spent at the Georgetown Community Center in San Gabriel Park for the annual Community Thanksgiving where approximately 500 hot meals were served at no cost to anyone.  This community outreach began a few years ago with the guidance of Alicya Tandy, owner of Do Yourself a Flavor Catering.  Also supporting the effort are Georgetown’s fire and police departments, plus CJ’s Catering, GW Pyro and The Salvation Army of Williamson County.   Ms. Tandy is the lady holding the adorable baby in the final image.    Happy holidays, friends.

A Church (and Cotton) in Sandoval

Zion Lutheran Church is a beautiful structure in an area called Sandoval. The mailing address is Thrall.   I’m honestly not certain which county it calls home.  While I think it’s Williamson, a huge Milam County Water tower stands right next to it.  One thing I know.  That church was here long before Milam County decided to put a water facility squarely in its path. The church was organized in 1893.  A couple of the images were made from a nearby farm-to-market road where a cotton field sure looks ready for harvesting. 

Moseying Through Thorndale

Thorndale, Texas, population about 1600, in western Milam County,  is one of the nearby  towns I enjoy visiting from time to time.   Like others on my radar (Bartlett, Granger, Thrall, Coupland, Holland, etc) it has its own special charm.   These photos were made a few nights ago.   A couple of young fellows were working hard to extricate pecans.  And doing fairly well from the looks of it.   The owner of the building with the old Coca Cola mural mentioned he might like to get it restored.  I gave him some suggestions about good muralists.    The railroad passes through the town, but you can see the trains coming from quite a distance.   It is Texas after all.   A couple of fellows waiting on a train to pass said howdy.  Their little dog conveyed his own greetings, too.   Little dogs have big attitudes.  Before I left, a stop by Steve’s was in order.  The last time I visited a couple of months ago, Steve’s was closed up tight.  I feared it had gone out of business, but the owner suggested my last trip was on a Sunday, their only closing day.   Steve has apparently been deceased for a while, but the current owners like the name.  It’s a cool building, here since 1907.  Standing at the entrance, you might take a look in the top windows and see a motorcycle perched up there, but on the inside.  After entering, your guess is confirmed.  It appears to be an old Harley of some sort, but I’m not certain.  That gigantic sculpture of a water buffalo has been a Steve’s staple  for a few years.  That’s one large chunk of wood.   It used to reside at a customer’s home, but the customer’s wife didn’t cotton to its presence.  Now that critter lives here.    That’s it for now, but I’ll mosey back again soon.

This and That

No theme tonight, friends, just a couple of photos taken tonight and last evening.   The horse was taken as night approached near Sandoval, close to the Williamson/Milam County line.   The other was made tonight as a truck glided past the cemetery at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Wuthrich Hill.  Good skies tonight, but you know this, right?