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Moon Over Berry Springs

Tonight’s Waxing Gibbous moon, 92.5% visibility, looked very nice above the old-growth trees at Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park & Preserve.   One moon closeup is included, but  I prefer to give a sense of place whenever possible.  And this park begs to be noticed.

A Visit to a Bridge in Noack

Perhaps you recall a post from about two weeks ago, sunset behind a vintage truss bridge in Noack.   The bridge spanning Brushy Creek  now rests in a field, replaced by a modern (but boring) conveyance along the county road.   Bridges, whether in use or not, are one of the  structures  I’m trying to document here on the Blackland Prairie.   As development’s pace increases, it’s important record things before they  become just  memories.  These photos were taken last evening, made possible by a property owner gracious enough to allow my camera’s presence.   Note that this is posted land.  Hopefully, other would-be photographers would respect the space.  Get permission before you violate someone’s property.

Clouds Over Wuthrich Hill

I photograph quite a few churches in the area, but the one probably at the top of that list is Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, in the Wuthrich Hill area east of Taylor.   Resting atop a gentle hill, the church commands attention.  The church cemetery is serene and well-maintained.   And I  love the little pond.    These photos were taken as  the day’s clouds stayed around after the rain had moved east.

The Soul of the Blackland Prairie

This old farmhouse, as seen tonight after a day of clouds and cold rain, was among my first impressions of the area where we moved in 2009.   I was on my road bike, taking a ride through the countryside when seeing it for the first time.   There it sat, surrounded by sky, very few trees, and a lot of land …. very very black land.   After many years spent in the dissonant landscape that is metro-Atlanta, this was a refreshing sight.   It’s still nice to see it.

Just Some Livestock Imagery

Just two simple livestock photos tonight, friends.   Those sheep are taken care of by a sheepherder friend I’ve photographed a few times, but I wanted to concentrate on his lovely red sheep barn this time.   The other photo was made this evening, a gathering of cattle on a hill near Bartlett, Texas.  

Some Horses

While wandering around about 25 minutes north of home recently, I came upon a field of horses not photographed before.  They didn’t seem to mind the camera’s presence, doing what made them happy.   I was happy to discover them, too.   The sunset was intense,   the light that followed  subdued, in a good way.  That sunset image should’ve been first, but somehow algorithms moved it to the last spot.   Go figure. 

Morning Fog in Taylor

I had ventured out well before first light on this foggy and misty morning.   The pre-dawn images didn’t inspire me, but the mist and fog at Bull Branch Park were just fine.   There was actually more mist than fog.   I liked the way the drops of moisture latched onto cypress branches, little dots of glitter in an otherwise monotone scene.   It’s been misty and gray throughout the day in Taylor.  As this is written it’s still with us.   And that’s okay.

Trees …. And a Few Birds

There’s not a specific theme with this post, but I do like to see winter trees.   And large flocks of birds gathering over a couple of trees, too.   I’ve photographed the scene without birds for a few winters.   On one of those excursions I got a shock when getting a wee bit close to an electric fence.   Live and learn. 

Deer Wandering Through Farm Country

In the Texas county where we live (Williamson), most of the deer sightings have been on the west side of Wilco, as in west of Interstate 35.   Lately, however, I’ve been seeing more wandering into farm country on the east side.   Drivers, watch where you’re going.   The deer population is expanding.