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A Little More From Last Evening

Even before  the rainbow made its grand appearance last evening in the Taylor area, the light, close to sunset, and after the rain, was especially sweet.   Perhaps there’s a tendency to post too many horses (and cows), but they’re part of our Blackland Prairie landscape, just like the earth and the sky.   For several months I’ve been trying to get a decent photo of these horses a little south of Taylor, but whenever passing this field they were obviously visiting friends.  Last night, however, they came home.  I didn’t get off too many frames because the road was fairly busy (imagine that, right?).  The first image is preferred, but the second is out there for a slightly different look.   We live in good light land here, friends.

Elusive Rainbows and Warm Skies

The first part of tonight’s wandering was filled with a heavy dose of rain.   A few things were found to photograph.  When heading toward home, however, looking into my rearview mirror to enter Carlos B. Parker Boulevard in Taylor, a rainbow had formed.  Pulling onto the shoulder, I made a few frames.  The rainbow quickly began to fade.  On the off chance it might return, I drove by Immanuel Lutheran Church.  There was the rainbow, diminished, but there for scant minutes.   Before getting in the car the rainbow had been replaced by sweet warm evening skies.  That church is beautiful regardless of how it’s seen.

Abundant Fields of Corn

Every year it seems like the fields of corn grow more prominent.  There are other things growing, too, but the landscape here on the Blackland Prairie is dominated by corn.   Most of it, alas, isn’t geared for human consumption, but rather feed for livestock.   That’s important, too.  Our rich black soil is good for growing just about anything.

Prairie Grass

The Blackland Prairie is adorned with fields of corn and wheat.  While all of it is beautiful, I never grow tired of seeing prairie grass at the end of a day, when light filters through it.  Something uncomplicated for you tonight, friends, photographed just a couple of hours ago in East Williamson County, Texas.

Simple Scenes

It’s another post without a specific theme, friends.   Tonight’s offering includes horses (yes, there are two in the photo) sharing their shelter not far from the Milam County line.    And a fisherman at Granger Lake, enjoying the serenity of his surroundings.   Did he catch a fish?  Who knows?  It’s not really about the fishing, is it?

Facing Challenges, and Winning, at Richarte High School.

After 40-something years of documenting high school commencements in three states, they run the risk of becoming dry and mundane.   Richarte High School in Georgetown, Texas rises to the top every time I have the opportunity to document their graduations.   Richarte is the Georgetown school district’s alternative school, designed for students who might need a little extra help in wading through that difficult time for any kid.  Maybe they have credit deficiencies, or health issues, or they’re teen moms.   Richarte welcomes students who might otherwise not make it to the finish line that is graduation.   I was honored to spend  my Thursday evening at  Richarte’s 2019 commencement.   This year 64 students completed their course work.   Included  with. this post are a teen mom, getting ready for a school class photo, but taking special notice of her 2-year-old daughter.   That mom’s also pictured near the conclusion of this post, being congratulated by her boyfriend and their sleeping daughter.   I was particularly impressed with Kaitlyn, one of the graduates.   Born with Cerebal Palsy, she’s not let that hold her back.  On hand for her grand finale were members of her family, including older sister Raven, cheering her own from the audience.   2-year-old Faith was in the audience, too, there for her big sister’s graduation.  Faith, however, was enthralled by a video game on a family member’s phone.   After it was all over, Christopher, one of the graduates, celebrated outside with a bouquet of flowers presented to him by a friend.   These kids, or shall I say young adults, deserve a big kudos.   As does the Georgetown ISD school district for making Richarte available.

Sharing a Prairie Field

This was from a little wandering this week near the Williamson/Milam County line.   As mentioned before, development on my beloved prairie results in going further into the countryside where I can get some relief and enjoy the views.   Corn is abundant right now.  A white horse with a few black spots was a nice counterpoint to the dark stalks.   While I considered this in color, the black-and-white seems right this time.   Sometimes both versions are offered.  Not tonight, friends.  By the way, I was able to remain stopped on this little road for several minutes without one pesky interruption.  

Little Cows … A Bovine Interlude in Circleville

My friend, rancher and writer Carol Fox, recently asked if I could take some photos of some the newborn calves on her ranch in Circleville, Texas.    If you’ve followed these posts for a while, you know that’s a labor of love.   Carol is working on a writing project she hopes to illustrate with photos, specifically the newest bovines among us.   The cows, being cows, aren’t always easy to get to.  If they’re grazing in a pasture close to the main road, it’s a breeze.  When they’re on the back acreage, however, it requires a bit of work!   Thankfully, I have access to a truck for those adventures.   These are photos taken at the ranch on two different visits. They are cute little critters, aren’t they?

Some Things Seen Tonight

It’s another of those times where there’s no specific theme to photos included in a post.  These are here mainly because they were made earlier tonight:  a rainbow at the end of a cornfield, a Great Egret foraging for a meal above a pasture and a sunset I happen to like.  Have a wonderful evening, friends.

Memorial Day Observed at Sun City, Texas

For the past several years, I spent part of this Memorial Day at the observance held at the Georgetown-Williamson County Veterans Memorial Plaza.   It’s always an inspiring assignment.  Rather than wax poetic about all these images, why not just take a gander at what yours truly has been up to on this very warm day in Texas.   By the way, the keynote speaker was Senator Ted Cruz, sporting a beard these days.