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Summer Solstice in Beyersville

The Summer Solstice began at 4:44 p.m. Central Daylight Time in Texas.   Our first day of summer has been cloudy, sometimes rainy.  Let’s not forget warm.   This image from Beyersville tonight was made a little after 8:30.   As many know, I’m no fan of Daylight Saving Time.   The good news?  From here the hours of ugly daylight grow shorter.  I don’t apologize for that opinion.  

Juneteenth in Taylor, Texas

A few photos taken tonight during a Juneteenth celebration at Robinson Park in Taylor, Texas, the town where we live.    Note the quote on the face mask in the opening photo.   Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, the day slaves in Texas learned of their freedom, a full 2.5 years after Lincoln’s Empancipation Proclamation.   Efforts to make this a national holiday are in play.   The time is right for that to happen.

Come Together

Scouring through old prints this week in search of photos for a friend, this image found its way to my hands, from 1980s Atlanta.   The photo, taken at the Fulton County Emergency Children’s Shelter, was part of an Atlanta Journal & Constitution  series, “Suffer the Children,” reported by Jane O. Hansen.   A baby finding a lifeline in the hands of a caregiver.  It seemed like a good one to post in 2020.  

Just a Temporary Change!

This morning I had a great time photographing a crew from Kentucky-based Campbellsville Industries, Inc. as they carefully removed the cupola from the roof of the Masonic Lodge building (now Gumbo’s Restaurant) on the Georgetown square.   As people passed through downtown, you could see the concern on their faces.  “Why are they taking it down?”  No worries, friends.   The cupola being removed has been through some hard times since first being placed in 1985.   Yes, they are replacing it with a new one, currently being crafted at Campbellsville Industries.   When finished, the crew returns to replace the old one.   And the new one won’t change the design.  It’ll just be new.  The Masonic Lodge was built here in 1900.  It originally had a cupola, but was gone from sight for decades, until 1985, that is.   So for now, there’ll be a blank spot on the square.   Be patient.  

A Bit of Wandering Around Bartlett

Bartlett,  Texas, a community in Williamson and Bell Counties, is one of those places I enjoy visiting from time to time.   The photos offered tonight were taken on two recent trips.   “Trip” might be a stretch since it’s only a 20-minute drive from my home in Taylor.   The last time I heard, Bartlett’s population hovers around 1600, but it’s probably more now.  It still retains small-town Texas charm.   The young lady is riding her bike past  a prop for the NBC series “Revolution,” partially filmed here from 2012-2014.    The show is long gone, but the sign remains.  

Windows on the Square

While  East Williamson County, Texas will always be my favorite subject matter, the town square in Georgetown, Texas is about the most beautiful one I’ve seen.  These are photos made last week on two different occasions while covering something else.   The first three are evening images, the last one taken Saturday morning.   Nothing spectacular here, folks, just watching light and reflections.

At the Rookery …. Silhouettes

Another one of those therapy posts tonight, friends.  A few photos taken a couple nights ago at the rookery in Taylor’s  Murphy Park.  The opening image provides needed context.   Egrets are the dominant birds here for a few months.  Perhaps these  silhouettes enhance their aerial ballet.   I just know they’re inspiring to see.

Looking for Answers

A group of about 50 protesters gathered in Georgetown, Texas today, seeking answers regarding the March 28, 2019 death of Javier Ambler.   Attending was Ambler’s sister, Kim Ambler-Jones of Killeen, wearing a shirt with a photo of her and her brother.   In March 2019, Javier Ambler eluded pursuit for 22 minutes because of a traffic violation.  That pursuit  ended in Austin.  Two Williamson County Sheriff’s Office deputies were involved in the chase and apprehension.    While deputies restrained Ambler, he had breathing issues, plus  repeatedly mentioned a heart condition.   The deputies tasered him several times, resulting in his death.   The Austin American-Statesman and KVUE-TV have worked together on the story.   A Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs review of the deputies involved is still open.  

A Continuation of Corn

The first photograph is an expanse of cornfields that spreads out wonderfully across this place on the prairie.   With development gobbling up so much of our farmland, it’s good to see this each Spring.   I hope it remains, but time will tell.   The other is a cornfield with one of the windmills I like to photograph from time to time.   So far, the road where this windmill resides is one I can stop the car and make photos without interruption.   Cornfields are abundant where we live, but cotton crops are starting to thrive, too.