Chasing Light On a Slice of Texas Heaven

After our morning rain today, I kept my eyes focused on the skies.   While not a given, hours of rainfall can yield something a bit heavenly later on.   About 45 minutes ahead of sunset, I ventured to a place where the setting would be just right.   The farm belongs to a friend who has allowed access to his spread, anytime I like.   His compassion for land is apparent when we talk.   This 189 acres not far from Walburg is stunning, quiet and peaceful, a true Blackland Prairie paradise.   I’m thankful for friends who share a love of this soil and air. 

Light Observations In Georgetown

Watching light in Georgetown this week.   It’s the time of year when you’ll likely see a few similar posts.   The opening photo is from St. John’s Methodist Church, where the luminaries have been  placed for the Christmas season.   Drive along East University and you’ll be refreshed.   And nearby, on the town square, lights are placed in front of the Main Street offices of J Paul Aubin Real Estate.    If you look closely at the ornament reflection you might find yours truly, about the only time I’ll put myself out there.  Plus reflections in an Austin Avenue window.   Just light observations, friends.

Autumn Walks in Taylor

Just a few photographs from recent morning walks in Taylor, taking time to appreciate the color that encompasses us.   Since these walks are meant to be exercise, not much time is spent on a given scene, but they’ve been pleasant outings this past two weeks.  Until I find something more suitable, that used Olympus camera purchased two years ago still fulfills a need to travel light.

Tonight’s Waning Gibbous Moon

We were covered in clouds on Monday night, but clear skies this evening presented us with a Waning Gibbous moon, still looking nice at 97% visibility.   On the way to a grocery store run, that lovely moon just glowed so much I first made a few photos of a youth soccer practice at Taylor Regional Park, then onto the grocery errand.   After dropping off store items, I drove to downtown Taylor, blending the moon with holiday lights.

At a Friend’s Ranch

Last week I stopped by a friend’s Circleville ranch to take photos of a beautiful mesquite tree, but made a few other photos during my brief visit.   The ranch is adorned with sections of the San Gabriel River, old-growth pecan trees, Burr Oaks, plus  horses and cattle, but those aren’t represented here. Miles, however, deserves a nod.  Miles is a beautiful collie who, like yours truly, has hearing issues.   It doesn’t stop him from wandering around this beautiful land on the Blackland Prairie. This offering concludes with a resilient fence post and barbed wire.   Like the land, they are survivors.

Shining Through the Clouds

Tonight’s full moon had to work hard to make an appearance in our area.   Clouds played a game of hide and seek as it faded in and out.   The red barn has been around a long time.  A version taken several years ago adorns my living room wall.   Just south of that a farmhouse  retains its place in the world.   Go a little further south and you come to New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church, simply iconic, with or without the moon.   The grain elevators have been photographed a few times.   I’m not sure if they’re in Williamson or Travis County, but I like them.   The post concludes with just moon and clouds.

Country Roads

While stopping to photograph a barn in Falls County, Texas this weekend I looked over my shoulder, seeing more.   I’ve long had an affection for unpaved roads.   They’re hard on our motor vehicles, particularly when it rains, but they personify a quietude, perhaps a nod to a simpler time when we weren’t so eager to get somewhere.   To slow down, maybe even stop.    The swarm of birds flying over was icing on a rural cake.  

Black and White Simplicity

Since most of us see the world in color, these posts stay close to that reality, but sometimes a scene presented in black and white is preferred.   This one works that way.   The color on this vintage barn was muted.  A monotone presentation seemed right.   Regarding Texas state flags, they are well-represented throughout our state.   Mentioned before, but I can’t think of any other state that does this with such exuberance.    This one was seen this evening in a part of Bell County, Texas not often visited.

Georgetown’s Lighting of the Square

Georgetown’s annual Lighting of the Square is always inspiring.   Friday evening’s nice weather brought out quite the crowd, as it always does.  A Waxing Gibbous moon, at 94% visibility, glowed over the town square.   Arriving 90 minutes before the start, I was lucky to find a parking place just three blocks away.  People were kind to one another.  How nice that would be throughout the year.   The post concludes with a 6-month-old enjoying his first season with his daddy.   Let’s leave it there.