A Few Wildflowers

Two scenes recently seen in East Williamson County, Texas.   While bluebonnets are nice, our wildflower season evolves.   The opening image was made a few nights ago near Coupland.  The silhouette was from tonight in Taylor.   I’ll leave it at that, no commentary needed.

Climbing a Stately Tree

On Saturday it was fun to photograph something not done in almost-50 years of taking photos, a tree-climbing championship held at Georgetown’s San Gabriel Park and sponsored by the International Society of Arbor Culture, Texas Chapter.   Climbers from around Texas, mostly professional arborists, tested their techniques and speed as they scaled a stately Live Oak tree.  The most impressive contestant, from Conroe, gave birth to her first child only two-and-a-half months ago.   The newborn, as well as the climber’s husband, peering into the tree, are pictured here, too.  I like that no spiked shoes were allowed, which could cause potential harm to a very old tree.  State winners advance to the international competition being held in August in Knoxville, Tennessee.  


A Lunar Interlude

The weather forecast for Saturday was for severe thunderstorms.  With that in mind, I took some photos Friday evening near a favorite old barn.  It was almost full, still in its Waxing Gibbous phase.   Just after 9pm tonight, however, the clouds had moved on.  Coming out of an assignment at the Williamson County Expo Center, a succulent full moon, a Blue Moon, a Flower Moon, shone brightly above Taylor Regional Park.   It’s a wrap, friends.

A Visit With Dennis & Mikail

It’s been almost a year since my Fathers Day story on single dad Dennis Levitin and his son, Mikail.   While waiting on a story subject tonight in Taylor, I had a chance to visit with dad and son for a few minutes.  They’re doing well. For those not in the loop, Dennis is from Copenhagen, Denmark.  He’s been living in the United States for about ten years.    Mikail, who will be 6 at the end of July, is enjoying kindergarten.  And still loves his long hair, but dad says it’s starting to get a little uncomfortable in our Texas heat.   They’re a wonderful pair.

A Bountiful Beyersville Evening

While it’s true that I’m getting backed up on things that need to be posted, other things break in line.  Take tonight, for instance.   I was finishing an assignment in Thrall, had planned on some photos in Coupland, but then when going through Beyersville, one of the most unspoiled areas of Williamson County, Texas, plans changed.   Change is good sometimes. 

Prairie Flight on a Grand Night

There’s something magical about watching one of these paragliders, or maybe paramotors, as they come so close to avian behavior.   It’s a wonderful thing to watch.   Last evening, when these photos were made, our prairie skies were singing an especially good song.    During the few minutes I observed this young man, it got very quiet.   After landing, he explained it was so because he’d turn off the engine.   And just glide.   How incredible is that?  I’d planned to do something else, but plans changed.   For the better.

Sunset Above Bill Pickett Trail

Editing chores  fill the night, but I wanted to get something out there to show you what I’m seeing in Taylor this evening, the sun taking its time as it goes down above Bill Pickett Trail.   It seems fitting since our city council just added a new member, Gerald Anderson, a direct descendant of Mr. Pickett, a Taylor native and inventor of bulldogging, one of the most popular events in rodeo.

The Elegance of Wheat

These prairie fields vary the crops each season, rotating what’s planted.  One year it might be corn, sometimes cotton, or milo, or, as posted here tonight, wheat.  Lovely golden wheat.  Rotation is good for our Blackland Prairie soil.   In fact, it’s a good thing for any soil in farm country.  Farmers know this.   Except for the last photo, where a field is filled with both corn and wheat, tonight it’s wheat.

Blankets and Trains

These photos have been sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks.   It’s time put them somewhere, either here or the trash.   It’s spring in Central Texas, when Indian Blankets are plentiful, thank goodness.  Trains, of course, are always plentiful. 

A Brief Visit to Granger’s Lakefest

My Saturday became booked in short order, leaving no time to cover this morning’s parade at Granger’s annual Lakefest celebration.   Thankfully, last night a Granger friend reminded me their Friday nights tree dance was in full swing, with dancing, games and barbecue cookoff entrants.   I quickly moseyed north for a few photos.