Night Light in Granger

The warmth of nighttime light is captivating.    A place I’ve visited often for this type of work is downtown Granger, a picturesque community just a few miles north of Taylor.  Versions of these scenes have been done numerous times over the years.   When I do stuff like this, it’s usually with the aid of a lightweight tripod, making it easier to use slower shutter speeds and lower ISO settings.   The “noise” in scenes (in the film days we called it “grain”) can be minimized if one takes the time to do it right.   Granted, we don’t always have the luxury of time.   I did, however, when taking these photos.   Note the lowered flag at the post office.   I’m seeing similar sights all over our county.   There’s lots of  sadness this week.  

This and That ….. Various Things

A small collection of photos taken around the Blackland Prairie in our area of Central Texas.   The sunset photo was taken in February.  The row crops (corn) were from last last night.  The barn was photographed this evening.   A bit of this and that as I seek peaceful representations of our area. 

At the Rookery …. Sunrise to Sunset

So many birds.    When we moved to Taylor in 2009, I was soon enamored by the nesting egrets  at  Murphy Park.   Since then, every Spring I anticipate their arrival.   Cormorants, year-round residents here, are always on guard when Great and Snowy Egrets arrive to build their families.    They always seem to work it out.    Through the years I’ve read comments about longtime residents who aren’t enamored with this migratory species.   They stink.   They poop in our yards, on our roofs.    Who takes the time to observe their movements?   It’s aerial ballet, friends.  Photographers from all over Texas come to Taylor every year to see them.   Some are here long enough to spend money, adding to our local economy.   From 10a.m. to noon on Saturday, Good Life Taylor will conduct a Bird Parade at the park.  Read about this in the Taylor Press  or the Williamson County Sun.   These photos were taken on Saturday, before sunrise, also in the evening.   It’s therapy for this photographer.  And egrets are a federally-protected species. 

Nature’s Eloquence

Too many things to juggle tonight.  More simple stuff.  While focused on other things in Granger, the setting sun redirected my attention.   The post concludes with a windmill a little south of Granger.   That’s all for now, friends.

Agriculture Matters

You probably know this by now, but many of my photos for years have been devoted to agriculture.   Since this week (through March 27) is National Agriculture Week, I spent some time the past few days taking  photos of our beautiful Blackland Prairie area in east and north Williamson County, Texas.   When returning to Texas in 2009,  my long bike rides took me through some majestic scenes.   Through the years, I’ve returned with a camera to document what I saw on those bike rides.   The area is evolving quickly now.   The last photo in this group is a field of wheat beginning to thrive.  Look closely at that one.   In the distance you’ll see a collection of construction cranes at the site of the Samsung Semiconductor facility, scheduled to open in 2024.   They’ll be making much-needed chips to power the things we need, but as someone who was raised near a family farm in Northeast Texas,  I hope we hold onto things that matter as we grow.  

Happy Returns

During wildflower season each year I drive by this barn in the Jonah area.   Bluebonnets are there every Spring.   In other areas, bluebonnets don’t always  make an appearance.   They embrace this site every year.   Continuity is good. 

Peaceful Grazing Near Noack

While I don’t know much about horses, they are wonderful subjects for a camera, particularly on an evening with warm light that does its part to bring serenity.   These fine equestrian examples were seen last evening as I drove around the Noack area, but not far from Thrall or Beyersville.   Local friends know the area well.