Prairie Evening

It’s 32 degrees right now in Taylor, with temperatures dropping to the mid-20s by morning.   That may not seem cold to friends living in other areas, but we think it’s chilly.   I drove around a little tonight, recording a couple of winter scenes.   As you might expect, windmills are included.  These were taken a little over an hour ago when the temperature was about 40.   As long as we’re not getting ice storms like last February, I’m okay with it

Some Trees

There’s a paying assignment tonight, prompting something simple and quick.   If there’s a theme here, let’s call it trees.   I’m particularly fond of them at this time of year.    The first photo was taken during my walk this morning through Taylor’s Murphy Park on  a frigid and cloudy day, a cormorant hovering above the park’s trees.     The second photo, from a few weeks back, was made as a farmer tended a field behind  the Saul family cemetery in Norman’s Crossing.   That area is developing at an astronomical pace.   Hopefully, farmers will still have land to cultivate.  The last photo is from a couple nights ago, a post-sunset scene in Rice’s Crossing. 

At Granger Lake

When it comes to lakes, I prefer ones naturally-formed (like Caddo Lake)  but Granger Lake is mighty pretty.   Granger Lake was formed with the damming of the San Gabriel River.   In the process quite a lot of prairie land was flooded, including a community called Friendship.   That fisherman might be fishing near the site of Friendship.   Rivers, creeks and natural spring-fed ponds are my favorite bodies of water, but Granger Lake gives area visitors  scenic place to go.

Tonight’s Full Moon

Is it a Wolf Moon?   Here’s the thing, friends.  It’s a full moon.   These naming conventions aren’t necessary.   It’s the moon, visible more times than others.  Like tonight, when I enjoyed its appearance above two favorite barns in Travis County, but only a few hundred yards from Williamson County.

Honoring Dr. King

A number of areas decided to cancel this year’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday celebrations, but Leander, a community in western Williamson County, held their first one today.   I was there for a parade, followed by a festival.   Sometimes these events are somber, but Leander’s was upbeat and heartwarming.   In the opening photo, a young member of a Ballet Folklorico group at an elementary school got a little help from a dedicated teacher.   Toward the end of this post, I like the siblings sitting in dad’s lap.  Little brother really wanted that dill pickle, but she wasn’t having any of that.   This was nice commemoration.  I was glad to be there to record it.

Are You on Moon Overload Yet?

It’s not usually a planned thing, chasing after moon photos, but it happens.   Tonight’s Waxing Gibbous moon was at 99.2% visibility, pretty dang close to full.   Offered here are photos taken this evening at Taylor’s Murphy Park, where cormorants are abundant.  They’re pretty cool birds. For the MLK holiday on Monday I have a paying assignment.   Maybe I’ll forego a moon photo.   We’ll see.

Some Flags …. and the Moon

Tonight’s Waxing Gibbous moon is just under 97% visibility.   Always beautiful, whatever the phase.    Think about flags for a minute.   What state flag can folks from other places readily identify?   I think you know the answer.    These are the beautiful flags flying over Marshall’s Tavern in Taylor, Texas on this windy night.

Chilly Fishing

I kept thinking a notice would tell me that the Georgetown Parks & Recreation Kids Fishing Tournament, scheduled this morning at  Blue Hole Lagoon Park, would be cancelled due to frigid and windy weather.   Anglers, however,  did show up for the chance to catch one of the 1500 rainbow trout placed in the chilly water.   When fishing began at 8a.m. the wind was whipping up a fuss, temperatures holding in the mid-upper 30s.   We’ve had gusts today past 40 miles per hour.   But these little troopers  stayed the course, even though some couldn’t hide their feelings.   I’m glad it went on as planned.   And even happier to return to the warmth of my old car.