A Knock Out

This morning I took photos at a Williamson County Master Gardeners monthly session.   The topic was pruning and caring for roses.   While the 2-hour class was very hands-on, with plenty of garden time in the group’s demonstration rose garden, the image that stuck with me was this one.   Normally, I won’t post floral closeups, but here’s the exception.   This is called a Knock Out rose.   Indeed it was.   This assignment was for the Williamson County Sun.

Friday Night on C.R. 366

Just some head-clearing photos from tonight, along one of my favorite stretches of county road, just outside Taylor.   It’s the route I often travel from Taylor to Georgetown.   The ancient truss bridge spanning the San Gabriel River is always enchanting.  During what passed for a meteor shower a few months ago, I spent the entire night on it, wide awake.   The meteor shower wasn’t all that great, but the bridge is cool.   The other photo revisits the saga of the hanging jeans.  They’ve been here, in an area adjacent to the truss bridge, for several months.  Maybe there’s some meaning here?   I don’t know, but they continue to be intriguing.  

Volleyball Under the Trees

It actually reached 90-degrees today in Georgetown, Texas.  By the time I took this photo at Berry Springs Park & Preserve near sunset tonight, the temperature had moderated to the mid-70s.   This young 11-year-old was enjoying an impromptu bit of volleyball under the park’s beautiful trees with her dad.   The weekend calls for cooler weather, which might be a good thing since we’re still technically in a winter month!

East Austin Ladies….1973

Digging into old negatives is a nice way to spend a few hours.   I like to do this whenever time allows.   What’s really fun is to happen on images never edited before.   That’s what I’m doing here, with these lovely ladies who allowed me to make an impromptu visit to their home in East Austin in 1973.   Honestly?  It may be late-1972, or even early-1974, but I’m pretty certain this was 1973.   While I embrace the digital world these days, there’s something special about silver-based technology.  In other words, good old Kodak Tri-X film, with a periodic diversion for Plus-X and Panatomic-X.    Mostly, however, it was Tri-X, a most versatile film.    Back when these photos were taken, East Austin was very much a blue-collar working class area.   These days?  People of modest means probably can’t afford to live there.   I find that sad.

Following the Light in Downtown Taylor

A few days ago, after taking in the new exhibit at Taylor’s 120Art Gallery, my next stop was our town’s recycling area, just a short drive from downtown.   En route, however, while stopped at a traffic light at 4th and Main Streets, the evening’s fading light got my attention.   Naturally, I pulled over.   The photos posted here were taken as the day faded away, leaving some wonderful warmth as it passed.   For the images presented here, I didn’t really leave the street corner.   4th and Main was looking mighty fine.

A Ghost Bike For Tommy

One of the tragic events of January in Georgetown was the death of 19-year-old cyclist Tommy Ketterhagen, who was struck and killed along Patriot Way.  Tommy, a graduate of East View High School, was a dedicated athlete.  In high school he played soccer for East View.  This morning, at the place where he died, a ghost bike was placed in his honor.   The bike was signed by family and friends  last month during a memorial ride from the high school.   Tommy’s cycling team, 787 Racing, spearheaded the effort to get the bike’s surface laminated and placed here.  His family and friends were at this morning’s dedication, including his 11-year-old brother, Brendan, shown by the bike.  This evening, I went by there to do just a portrait of the bike.   That’s included here, too.   Cyclists, and drivers, please be careful out there.  These photos are for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Storms Through East Williamson County

Occasionally, you’ll find me shooting actual news photos, but not often.   Very early this morning, a little after midnight, a storm system moved through Southeastern Williamson County, Texas, bringing trail derailments near Thrall, grain elevators wiped out, power lines down, barn roofs gone, etc.  But there’s a little church I like to photograph in Noack, Texas, Christ Lutheran, that sustained some damage, too.  Thankfully, it was an addition to the church added a few years back.  This church family is 125-years-old.  The structure itself has been going strong since 1902.    This first photo, where I managed to crawl into the rubble, shows a stained glass window framing the church.  For context, you have the second photo, but I like the first one.   The others?   They’re filler for this post.   Thankfully, only property was harmed after this series of tornadoes tore through the Blackland Prairie.  These were taken for my friend at the Williamson County Sun.

A Warm Evening at Blue Hole

Saturday afternoon, after completing an assignment, I stepped out of the Georgetown Public Library, my away-from-home office, discovering that was it was actually quite warm, with temperatures in the mid-80s.  This is  South Central Texas after all.   Rather than head back to Taylor, I detoured by Blue Hole lagoon for a while, observing a dad and son, visiting Blue Hole for the first time, and Kirby, a half-Boston terrier/half-Boxer mix, working his way through  a tennis ball.   Then I just relaxed and watch the light fade a little, taking some scenic images.   The same photo is presented in color and black-and-white.    While my favorites are the deep blues of early-evening, the monotone shades  are a close second.

Low-Riding in Georgetown

Today I took photos at the Gemboree, a gem and mineral show in Georgetown hosted by the Williamson County Gem and Mineral Society.   It was  fun event, with a lot of beautiful gems, but my favorite little gems were Boots, front, and his sidekick, Amber,  two chihuahua mixes attending the show with their people.   They were not only well-dressed, but well-behaved, too!