A Hawk Sighting

Whenever I happen to see a hawk, they’re usually perched on a power line along a busy road.   Even when it’s possible to pull over, those critters make a quick exit.   The one in these photos was in a Taylor city park on a quiet and foggy morning.   When I stopped the car and got out, camera at ready, she remained in her tree of choice.   That’s the sun breaking through hazy skies.    Even when I walked around, she didn’t seem bothered.   I’m thinking she was more concerned about finding prey.   Tiring of the company, she became airborne.   A note to friends: if you have small animals, keep a close watch.   I’ve seen hawks get quite serious about their sustenance.  Identify this one if you’re so inclined.    I’m fine with just calling her a bird. 

Clouds Over the Moon

While I hadn’t planned to post something moon-related tonight, the Waning Gibbous moon, at 98.4% visibility, got my attention when in the backyard with our dog.   Cloud cover dominated the scene, but the lunar surface did finally show up.   Clouds will prevail at least through Wednesday in Central Texas.

Morning Fog

Early Saturday morning I made time to observe the fog and mist at Taylor’s Murphy Park.   Fog can clarify and simplify a photograph.  The hour spent there watching the the light evolve was worthwhile.  

Tonight’s Full Moon

Tonight’s full moon, a Snow Moon, as seen along a gentle country road in Beyersville, Texas.   Maybe that barn has been there for a while, but I only noticed it this evening.   Although a  University of Texas at Austin graduate, I’ve always admired that  school  in College Station.   Aggies are passionate about their school.   I get that.  

Early Morning Moon

Around 6:30 this morning I noticed the moon’s warm glow through a stand of trees in our backyard.  The full moon was en route to a moonset.   Our trees have taken a beating in Taylor this week.   Many are damaged beyond repair, but some are resilient.  I believe this one’s called a Snow Moon.   We need neither snow or ice.   Enough. 

Restoring Power Under the Moon

While out scouting around for a full moon (actually Waxing Gibbous, 99.5% visibility) I was about to give up because of clouds during the first hour of moonrise in our area.  Driving along a county road east of Granger, however, I found a crew from Bartlett Electric Co-Op Inc (BEC Power)  working to restore power under that moon.    With the devastation caused by this week’s ice storm in Central Texas, crews like this are doing their best to make things better for all of us.    Many of us appreciate their efforts.

Put Your Little Foot Right There

Our neighborhood rooster was demonstrating his dancing skills this week.  If not mistaken, I think roosters are supposed to be a no no in Taylor city limits, but this guy is cool, even when he crows at the crack of dawn.  The last photo isn’t tack sharp, but I liked how he crowed about his fancy footwork!    For the first 7 years of my life in Texarkana, Texas, we raised chickens.  When I was old enough, my parents gave the task of collecting eggs.   It would’ve been easy if not for a gigantic rooster doing his best Foghorn Leghorn moves to dissuade me.   For a 6-year-old I was pretty small.   That rooster was big enough to look me in the eyes.   Although I missed the fresh eggs when we gave up chickens, I did not miss that  the big bird.


Our Central Texas winters can be stressful, but the past couple days it’s just been cold, with occasional bits of moisture.   So far, no snow, just ice. Temperatures didn’t get past the low-30s today.   The pattern continues Wednesday, but with more moisture.   The photos here begin at Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park and Preserve, where the mist on the pond was nice.   Not far from the park, horses and a mule find shelter from the biting wind.   And some  icicle-laden trees in Circleville.