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Autumn Rambling Near Cameron, Texas

A friend on Instagram recently mentioned Walkers Creek Cemetery, an historic cemetery in the Little River Valley  near Cameron, Texas, in Milam County.  Knowing my interest in cemeteries, he let me know about this one.  As usual, my sense of direction when  outside of my area had me wandering all over the place before finding it, but I finally did, thanks to a gentleman I flagged down.     The sign at the cemetery entrance tells us it dates back to 1882.    The photos I made are just a snippet since my arrival there was right at sunset.   Next time I’ll know where I’m going!   While looking for it, I took in the autumn beauty along mostly unpaved country roads.  I think that stream is called Big Elm Creek.   With the immense growth in our home county (Williamson), it’s good to get to these out of the way Texas jewels.

Cameron Lights

From a little bit of night wandering tonight in Cameron, Texas, the Milam County seat.   The community of a little over 5000 is beginning to look festive.   I love the Milam County courthouse, built from 1890-1892, with restoration in the early-2000’s.   That’s a Waxing Crescent moon (again), now at about 23% visibility.   The others are just some scenes around the town square.    Light is good, especially at this time of year.  

Another Dose of Autumn

This continues my exploration of autumn scenes taken during recent daily walks in Taylor.  It’s a pretty nice season for us this year.   A reminder, I don’t spend copious amounts of time taking these snapshots.   The walking is my priority, but I’ve been known to slow down a bit more when spotting an agreeable heron.  All are made with my Olympus camera, an older OM-D E-M5.   It’s incredibly light.

Georgetown’s Lighting of the Square

This was a Lighting of the Square filled with rain in downtown Georgetown tonight, but wasn’t a deterrent for families craving the holiday spirit.  When it was all over, Main Street  was seemingly covered in gold.   By the time I finished my work, I was pretty soaked, but was enriched by tonight’s event.

A Neighborhood Palette

I’m hoping to post some other autumn color photos from daily walks, but first offer this one from my Taylor neighborhood.   A friend has a wonderful tree, I think a Sweetgum,  that literally bursts with intensity most years.   I wanted to post it before cold and wind blew the leaves away.   It’s a calming presence. 

A Cloudy Thanksgiving

Actually, for a while today, it wasn’t just cloudy.   We had some pretty strong blasts of rain throughout the day and early evening.   When I looked out my window late this afternoon, it was raining a bunch, enough to merit a photo.    As is often the case, weather changes quickly here.  By the time I took this photo, the clouds were still there, but the heavy rain had slowed to a gentle mist.   I like the clouds.   If not for a hint of green grass, this could almost be a black-and-white image.

Georgetown’s Community Thanksgiving

The Community Center at Georgetown’s San Gabriel Park was again the site for this year’s Community Thanksgiving, thanks to the work of Alycia Tandy and her impressive group of helpers.   Hot meals were offered at no charge to anyone who wanted one.   For shut-ins, volunteers scoured the area dropping off meals.   As usual, my photos only scratch the surface of this wonderful undertaking.   It’s truly a labor of love.  

At New Sweden

Since it’s the evening before Thanksgiving, I thought it might be a good time to post a few photos taken tonight at New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church, a few miles north of Manor, Texas, a 20-minute drive from my Taylor home.   In summer 2009, just after moving here from almost three decades in metro-Atlanta, I was driving from Taylor to Austin via a farm-to-market road.   My eyes couldn’t ignore the huge steeple dominating the prairie sky on my left.   Later, I learned their copper spire is 104-feet tall.    The congregation formed in 1876, building their first sanctuary in 1879.   The current one pictured here celebrates 100 years in 2022.    The opening photo was actually the last one taken.  Even though the quality isn’t what I’d like it to be, that view gives some sense of what I first saw in 2009.    It wows me each time I see it.