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At the Livestock Show

A few photos taken this morning at the Williamson County (Texas) Livestock Show, continuing throughout the week at the Williamson County Expo Center in Taylor.  These photos were made during poultry competition.    Events continue throughout the week, but I’ll be having my second cataract surgery on Tuesday.   If all goes well, I might stop by the show for a few more photos later this week.   Taking care of my eyes is a priority.

Wandering Around Round Rock

Still on the prowl for autumn color in Central Texas, I stopped by Chisholm Trail Park in Round Rock.   Although the city has become quite urban, there are still some pockets of serenity.   I’m always on the lookout for such places. Since returning to Texas a few years ago, area folks have said that Round Rock got its name from the big old round rock that sits in Brushy Creek.  At least I think it’s Brushy Creek!   Those trees with the white bark are visual treats.   One of my smart friends can probably tell me what it’s called.

The Christmas Stroll Returns

The Christmas Stroll was back in Georgetown this holiday season after the pandemic sidelined it in 2020.   The town square is a wonderful venue for this event.   There was a festive parade, vendors, music, dancers, etc.   My focus with this post, however, is just to show you some faces.

Autumn at Bull Branch Park

Whatever autumn color we get here usually comes in late-November into early-December.   Taylor’s Bull Branch Park, just a few blocks from home, is one of my favorite places.   My daily walks take me through there all year long, but it’s particularly inspiring right now.  Most of our color is presented to us via our cypress trees.  These were taken November 28th, two days before my first cataract surgery.    Although a common procedure, there are things to consider.  My surgeon suggested I don’t lift too much weight until both surgeries are done.   The next surgery is set for Tuesday.   Rather than just sit around and do nothing, I visited our Austin photography store, purchasing a light Olympus camera from their used department, plus a couple of small lenses.  Some of these photos were made with my Nikon, but Olympus images are included here, too.   Once the eye surgeries are complete, it’s good to know I’ll have a small camera to easily tote on my daily walks.   While I don’t plan to sideline the Nikons, it’s good to have options.

Southwestern’s Candlelight Service

Originally called the Christmas Carol Service, Southwestern University’s Candlelight Service began in 1915.  I was glad to be able to attend one tonight’s services in Georgetown.   This was the first year where I was all by myself in the balcony overlooking the chapel.   Most years you’ll see a few parents with young kids up here.   Not tonight.  Seating was limited this year because of concerns with the ongoing pandemic.   That accounts for the absences.   Tonight’s post begins with outside shot of Lois Perkins Chapel, where the services have been held for decades.  It’s powerfully-beautiful, inside or out.   I kind of like the last photo, a man sitting alone after the service concluded.   Like yours truly, he probably craves the solitude.

Granger’s Cotton Christmas Tree

A few years ago, Granger resident Mike Anderson began what’s becoming a tradition along West Davilla Street, a Christmas Tree made of recently-harvested cotton from area farmers.  Each year, the tree has been a colorful beacon.   In early-January, on the 12 Day of Christmas, Mike sends it up in flames.   He plans to do so again this time, but made this year’s tree a little shorter, more totable.  The city is concerned about the safety of performing the ritual downtown so Mike has created a tree he can place in the rear of his truck and take to a more open area.   The city may decide it’s okay to burn the tree downtown, but Mike’s good to go either way.   The post opens with one taken tonight, as Mike puts finishing touches on the lights.  The tree in the background is Mike’s, but just there to add  a bit of color to the season.

At Each End of a Day

Two recent photos taken at wide-ranging times of day.   The opening image was taken as the sun came up over Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery.   The purple-hazed second shot is a very retired farmhouse resting on a lovely bit of land near Thrall.  

Georgetown’s Autumn Jewel

I always enjoy my walks around Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park & Preserve, but autumn in especially relaxing.    Leaves are exiting the trees at a rapid clip.   They’ll be gone soon.    The park, however, will remain one of the Williamson County jewels.   Such a peaceful place.

Some Barns

I’m staying with a barn theme tonight.    These nice representations are all from the area around Granger.    I keep an eye on quite a few because you just don’t know when they’ll no longer be around.  

Rainy Day Rambling

It’s been raining pretty much all day in our area of Central Texas.   On the way back from an errand in Austin I took the back roads home.   It always beats the dang freeway.    Nothing special here, just things that found their way in front of a lens.   The only recognizable place is (of course) New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Plus barns, a tractor and a nice tree. That last barn isn’t far from the future site of Samsung.