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A Morning Leftover

This photo, like the previous post, was taken early Sunday morning, but didn’t fit the water theme.   I pass this old house in Taylor often.   When we moved here in 2009, it already looked abandoned.   During growing season, it often gets surrounded by tall corn stalks.  The field is cleared now, providing a fuller view.   The morning light, barely past sunrise, added a soothing warmth.   I know nothing about this house.  Was it a farmhouse?   I’ve always thought it looked like a beach house from an earlier and simpler time.  The road where the house sits  will be widened in the near future.  It rests close to the current road.    One wonders if it will be here after the widening?   I think it’s a really neat structure, wish it could be saved.

Early Morning Mist

An assignment in Georgetown this morning  took me by misty scenes a bit after sunrise.   The opening photo is a sweet pond I sometimes drive by near Taylor.  During the harsh daylight hours, it’s not so much, but it’s enthralling at certain times of day.   The other two photos were from the San Gabriel River.   A few hours later, as I headed east to Taylor, there wasn’t much to see, but a few minutes after sunrise?   Mighty fine, friends.  Is there a favorite image?  For me it’s the last one. 

Watching Birds at the Park … and the Moon

The egrets that come to Taylor’s Murphy Park are mostly gone for the season, but a few remain.   The smaller cattle egrets, of course, are always around.   Like clockwork every year, when the larger egrets vacate the rookery, cormorants take their place.  Cormorants are pretty nifty birds, too, with properties of ducks and egrets.  New to me are the ibis, birds with long skinny bills.  This is the first year I’ve seen them here.    Mentioned many times before, but I like this park no matter the time of year.   The moon’s presence is nice, too.   Last evening it was in a Waxing Gibbous phase, just over 80% visibility.   As the last light faded, the skies filled with some amazing color.  And then it was gone.  

Walking With Purpose

On the way to an errand this morning about 7:30, I saw a man, loaded with a backpack and Desert Storm flag as he walked at a brisk pace through Taylor.   This is Gulf War veteran John Mumby, 50,  who served  in the U.S. Army Infantry during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.   Three weeks ago, he began walking from Winnsboro with Austin as his goal, a 300-mile trek.  He’s been steady, averaging 15-20 miles a day.  His walk has purpose, calling attention to the mental and physical effects of Gulf War Syndrome, something that’s impacted his own life.   After taking a few photos, I wished him well.   He doesn’t have far to go.  

A Cloudy Dawn

I had a doctor’s appointment a few minutes past dawn this week in Georgetown.   It was a cloudy morning as I took a few photos around the town square at what would’ve been sunrise if one was apparent.  It was not.   Included: a tree I like, plus two versions of the Williamson County Courthouse, here since 1911.   Some folks are at work pretty early.  The lights on the buildings around the square are here throughout the year. 

Remnants on Murphy Street

All that remains of Taylor’s Murphy Street Christian Church rests on a secluded hill at  5th and Murphy Streets.   I have no idea how long it’s been like this.  I discovered it while on a bike ride, probably in 2010.  This evening I stopped for a closer look.  The cornerstone attached tells us the church was built in 1901.   Internet searches don’t tell much about when the rest of the church was taken down.  You won’t see this unless seeking it out.   It’s a fascinating little bit of Taylor’s past.  I’d love to see an old photo showing the church in its heyday.  Tonight’s Waxing Gibbous moon was nice to see, too. 

Unloading Pumpkins at FUMC Georgetown

Last year, because of pandemic concerns, there wasn’t a pumpkin patch at Georgetown’s First United Methodist Church, but there is this year.  This afternoon and evening I watched as volunteers unloaded 2,478 pumpkins.   The sale begins Thursday, continuing through October 30th.   The pumpkin patch is a fundraiser for children and student ministries, plus church missions.  As always, my focus is on the kids, who have much more fun. 

Some Recent Images

This is one of those times where I need to send some files to the archives so offer some recent images which have been sitting  on my desktop too long.    Plus I like the colors.   It’s been a gray day here.  I love cloudy days, but this one was dull.

Clearing the Fields

As cotton harvest continues, fields around the Blackland Prairie are returning to their original state, just dirt.   I’ve taken a similar photo of the opening image before, but it fits this post nicely, land cleared on either side of a county road east of Granger.   The second photo, west of Granger, are harvested modules of cotton awaiting the ginning process.  Both photos were taken tonight. 

Early Autumn at Berry Springs Park

While we don’t have the vibrant fall colors seen in other areas, we do okay here, particularly at Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park & Preserve, where these photos were made late Saturday afternoon.   There’s a certain crispness to the light at this time of the year, apparent when looking at a Waxing Crescent moon shining above the park’s trees.  The couple in the opening photo certainly enjoyed the view.    As did I.