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Cloud Covers

Tonight I ventured out in search of a nearly-full moon photo, but the skies were filled with clouds.  Since our area is in the midst of serious drought, I won’t complain.  The moon will be around.  Instead, I  offer this from tonight’s  wanderings.   

A Beyersville Hawk

I’ll admit to not knowing the specific identifications of birds, but this is a hawk, seen over a county road near Beyersville, Texas.   They’re usually spotted during drives, but fly away before the camera is ready to do its work.   This one stayed around long enough for a few quick photos.  Honestly, I have no interest in learning bird specifics.  Social media friends, many of them birders,  can provide information.    They’re just wonderful to photograph.   That’s all that matters.  

A Long Overdue Visit

Most of my driving in recent days was focused on spending time with my son,  Austin, daughter-in-law,  Lisa  and two grandsons, Cameron, 9, and Hudson, 5.   They live north of Atlanta, over 900 miles from us.   Instead of flying, I decided to make the drive, renting a low-mileage rental car for the trip.   My wife stayed home to take care of things here.   This was the week before school for Cam and Huddy.   As most know, my  style is photojournalistic, as it has always been.   That’s what you see here, just slices of life:  Cam’s football practice, getting haircuts, the boys taking photos with my cameras (something I seldom allow), playing in a splash pad, going to parks,  visiting their school’s open house, plus a quick drive to the North Georgia mountains.   I purposely didn’t mention this trip to Georgia friends, wanting my time focused totally on family.   Austin was able to work from home, plus took some time off.   Lisa is settling into a new job.   We didn’t get to see her as much as we’d have liked, but the visit was good.   Way too short.     I’ve got to figure out a way to get over there more often.    With kids and jobs, it’s virtually impossible for them to come our way for a while.    We’ll make it happen though.  

Just Some Egrets

My week of wandering continues.   These were taken at Taylor’s rookery the evening before I left.   The four photos were taken with two different cameras, a few minutes apart.   They look different for a reason.