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A Georgetown Autumn

While we don’t have the abundant autumn color afforded to some areas,  it’s turning out to be a pretty good year for it in Georgetown, Texas.    These photos were made last weekend in three area city parks.   I’ll keep the words brief this time and let the images do the communicating.

Early Evening at Murphy Park

These four photographs were made a few weeks ago at Taylor’s Murphy Park.  Although many of the nesting egrets have moved on from the rookery, cormorants, ducks and geese are plentiful throughout  the year.  Some of the egrets have remained, like the ones you see flying toward the cormorant-covered rookery.  These visits to the park are enriching bits of therapy.

Full Moon At the Elevators

As if it needs a name,  the full moon this evening is called a Beaver Moon.  I just know it’s mighty nice.   These images were made above some friends’ grain elevators in Norman’s Crossing, Texas.   When the moon first rises, at least in its full state, it is often imbued with rich color, but only briefly.   After getting that first photo, I took note of the moon’s light gently gracing the facades of the elevators.  It was intriguing enough to keep me outside on a cold night for a few extra minutes.

Mr. Vencil Mares

Although unusual, a second post tonight.   Veterans Day pushes the envelope this time.   These are photos made on this cold and rainy evening at Taylor Cafe, the barbecue cafe opened by Vencil Mares in Taylor, Texas in 1948.   Mr. Mares turned 96 on Sunday.  Taylor dubbed it Vencil Mares Day.  Vencil was a combat medic during World War II.   Feeling patriotic urges, he managed to join at 16.   A few years after the war, he came to Taylor and opened Taylor Cafe.   Even though confined to a wheelchair, he’s there by 6a.m., not leaving before 9p.m.   Others keep things going, but Vencil is there.  Friends and family will have a birthday party for Vencil at the restaurant beginning at 5p.m. Tuesday.   Happy birthday, sir.

Veterans Day in Georgetown, Texas

This might be the 9th year in a row I’ve documented a Veterans Day observance at the Georgetown-Williamson County Memorial Plaza in Sun City, Texas.  Because of an impending cold front and rain, I expected it to be moved  indoors, but Mother Nature was nice, allowing a few hundred folks to enjoy an autumn morning in Texas.  Most of the photos speak for themselves, but a couple of notes if you don’t mind.    The gentleman standing up in a crowd is Ernest, 99.  He’ll be 100 in February.   He’s a veteran of both World War II and Korea.   The group of three men, plus the African-American gent, are all members of the Vietnam-era  Crusaders, the 187th Assault Helicopter Company.   The group has an annual reunion each year.  This year’s is in Austin.   About 70 of their company’s members took time away from their gathering in Austin to attend this event.   The last photo, taken after the observance is of a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. who will be 89 this week.   He’s been there every year I attended.   He’s getting a hand from his son-in-law, also an Air Force veteran.   The rain and cold had arrived when this image was made.   Things wound down in the nick of time.

Opening Ceremonies for Field of Honor

The Field of Honor in Georgetown, Texas, visited in this space last evening, had its official opening ceremonies this afternoon at San Gabriel Park.   Just a few more photos from there.  1500 flags are flying throughout the week, made possible by the Georgetown Rotary Club.   The young beauty queen is admiring a flag honoring her great-grandfather, a U.S. Army veteran.  The Boy Scout is retiring worn and tattered flags in the appropriate manner, by fire.   It’s really very respectful.  He retired over 300 flags today.   The flags will remain here through next Saturday.

Georgetown’s Field of Honor

These photos were taken during a visit to San Gabriel Park tonight to view the annual Field of Honor presented by the Georgetown Rotary Club.  The flags honor veterans and their families.  The 1500 flags will be flying until November 17th. The young lady helping keep the flags in order is a troop member with a Georgetown chapter of American Heritage Girls.    I was fortunate to see a Waxing Gibbous moon above, 94.4% visible.    And I met Dwight, a Marine Corps veteran who purchased a flag to fly here this evening.   He’s telling me about the walking stick he made himself.  It’s adorned with Corps memories from his 30 years of service.  

New Beginnings On a Joyful Day

November is National Adoption Month.   In Williamson County, Texas on Friday it was also Adoption Day.   I was fortunate to watch this morning as 19 children found homes with 14 families in the 425th District courtroom of Betsy Lambeth.   These are a few photos from a joyful day.

Flowing in the Prairie Wind

One more for tonight, friends.   The Central Texas temperature’s been dropping throughout the day, ushered along by periods of rain.   And wind, a lot of wind.   I drove to Beyersville, Texas this evening and stopped by Mager Cemetery.   The flags placed there months ago for Flag Day are holding their own.   Tattered, yes, but still standing.  

Everything In Order

Wednesday morning I was back in Georgetown to attend the annual military inspection for the 164 Naval Junior R.O.T.C. cadets from Georgetown I.S.D.   The inspections were held at East View High School, but the program includes students from all Georgetown high schools.   An area commander for this region traveled from San Antonio to oversee inspections.   These young men and women were looking sharp and serious, focused on the task at hand.    The opening photo is  one of nine platoon leaders.  It’s my favorite.    Although it again breaks my rule about people staring into the camera, with this young lady it’s okay.  Even though the camera was two feet from her, she remained rigid and on task.   These are a few images from an interesting morning.