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A Good Soaking … and a Rainbow

While relaxing at the library in Taylor late this afternoon, a storm made itself known.  Naturally, I dropped what I was doing and made my way outside.   Serious downpours like this sometimes leave behind a rainbow.  Not always, but you have to be ready.  I was ready.   After a couple stops, where nothing came together,  a rainbow came to life above a corn field along F.M. 973, a little south of Taylor.   On the way home, I also stopped to look at a rain-soaked field of new crops.    These prairie scenes seldom grow tiresome. 


Since the start of the day on Saturday in Central Texas, our skies have been filled with storm clouds.   Those clouds, mostly, have not produced a lot of moisture, but they have produced some interesting skies.    You’ll find a mix of both color and black and white images here.    I’m not sure which works best, but it’s fun to consider the options.   These photos begin just after dawn on Saturday, with my favorite shack outside Taylor.   In between, there’s a nice barn along County Road 409, north of Taylor.    And there’s Christ Lutheran Church, in Noack, presented in both color and b/w.  You’ll find grain elevators, also Noack, in color and b/w.   The opening l image, taken tonight, color only, is Immanuel Lutheran Church, the little church on the hill, a wee bit west of Taylor.  Tonight’s skies still had clouds, but the promise of clearing was apparent, too.

Helping Single Moms & Military Wives

Even with storm clouds rumbling this morning in Central Texas, more than 400 single moms and military wives came to Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas for the 9th annual Single Moms & Military Wives Oil Change.   Moms were treated not only to free oil changes and car washes, there was also a bit of pampering, also gratis, including massages, manicures, facials and waxings.   If the kids accompanied mom, they had the option of going to an area for play, or just hanging with mom.   While your beliefs regarding religion and faith are your own, I cover what’s out there.   Celebration Church is one of those very large megachurches, but they do some good things for our community.   Carry on, friends.

Now Playing at the Palace!

The latest main stage production at the Georgetown Palace Theatre is “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” playing weekends on the Springer Memorial Stage through June 18.   Directed by Lannie Hilboldt, the production stars Steve Williams as Joseph.    If last night’s dress rehearsal is any indication, the audience is in for fast-paced entertainment.   These are a few of the photos made for an upcoming review in the Williamson County Sun.   More photos can be found on  my Facebook page.

Author Alex Haley … From the Archives

By the time I visited “Roots” author Alex Haley at his home north of Knoxville, Tennessee in May 1988, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution was still shooting black and white film, but also color transparencies.   The color here is Fujichrome, a much better film, in my humble opinion, than Kodak’s Ektachrome.   Soon after, to consolidate matters, we, along with many other newspapers, began shooting everything on color negative film.   The results when a color negative was printed on b/w paper were awful, but it was what it was.   As we wandered around his farm, Mr. Haley, who died in February 1992, was most gracious.   I do like the monotone images of him much better, but can’t recall what we used in the paper.

A Little More Wheat

When spring comes to Central Texas, specifically on the Blackland Prairie, it’s a given … I will be posting crop images.   This is another expansive field of wheat I found this week a little west of Granger.  Spring, of course, is a time for wildflowers.   While I find them beautiful, farmers’ crops are just as elegant. 

Clinging Vines on the Prairie

This old farmhouse, obviously long abandoned, was something I happened on tonight, once again, a little west of Granger, Texas.   The vines have begun to take over.   Although this is a scene on the prairie, it brings to mind a vine I saw for many years in Georgia … kudzu.    If you’re curious about kudzu, look it up via Google, or whatever search engine you like.   Whatever this clinging plant, I found its persistence an interesting subject for a camera.   Look closely and you’ll see a little floral touch, too.

Expansive Fields

Color or black-and-white?   It’s a question I still find interesting.  This field of corn, which seems to go into infinity west of Granger, Texas tonight, is presented for your consideration.  In this instance, I think color prevails, but am always open to other thoughts. 

Therapy at the Park

My wanderings often take me on the country roads outside Taylor.  While those are grand, one of the best therapies is less than one mile away, with the birds around and above the tiny lake at Murphy Park in Taylor, Texas.   Most times when I visit this spot, my fold-out chair comes out, I sit down with the cameras and watch what happens until the light fades away.   These were taken on a Friday night therapy session.     Make of them what you will.