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Going With The Dogs

Another event I covered last weekend was Taylor’s Lone Star Summer Grand Prix Dog Show held at the Williamson County Expo Center.   While I know little about dog shows, I do love dogs.   And it was obvious the owners love them, too.    When I asked for a dog’s name after taking photos, the usual answer was  “Do you want their show name, or what we call them?”  These are smart, well-pampered dogs.  Some of the breeds were new to me.  One thing I didn’t know:  a “heeler” is really a nickname for Australian Cattle Dogs.   I like learning these little things.   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Sunrise … And Moonset

Since I’ve been busy this past week with non-photographic things, it’s been tough to chase the moon when it becomes fuller.  After determining that there would be a moonset, however, I rose early on this Sunday morning, a little after 6, hitting the road.   What I’d forgotten, however, was the added  presence of a sunrise.  At 6:22, the sun made an appearance, prompting a few photos.   But I still wasn’t finding a good spot to photograph the that Waning Gibbous moon.  Almost ready to bag the idea, I remembered the abandoned old farm house along a dirt road.  By 6:45, I was there, and so was my moon.  I snapped a few photos.  By 7a.m., I was on the way home.

Friendship Days Festival in Florence (Texas)

This little festival in Florence, a small town in far north Williamson County, Texas, is a hoot.   The focal point of the two-day festival is their parade, which took place this morning along East Main Street.   For whatever reason, I missed my visit to Florence in 2016, but was happy to see a young buckaroo, Shooter, now 3, still coming with his dad.  Shooter, in the opening photos, was having some trouble keeping that hat on his head.  We do have some wind in Central Texas.   Shooter made the day worthwhile.  I liked the washer tournament, too.  It was held next to one of Florence’s vintage structures.   That building is totally covered with ivy  …. poison ivy.  Thankfully, the washer tournament officials posted warning signs.  As someone with very sensitive skin, I stayed well away from it, as did the washer competitors.   We have some interesting little burgs in Texas. 

Music on the Square

Tonight was Georgetown’s first of free Friday night concerts on the town’s scenic square.   This evening’s entertainment was provided by Roland Waits and the Wayward Travelers.  The concerts will run throughout the summer, every Friday evening on the courthouse lawn.  It’s a great venue, for children, and adults who want to get in touch with their inner child.  Some folks got good parking places, enjoying the fun from the bed of their trucks.  These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Tiny Landscapes

Since I’ve been on one of those big sky kicks recently, it seems appropriate to mix things up with some smaller landscapes.   Water, in all its forms is a source of immense interest.    These photos were taken this week while I was shooting photos of our trail system in Georgetown, Texas.   You can find some good scenery when you get off the beaten path.  Drops of water speckling the surface of the north fork of the San Gabriel River begins this post, followed by a little area along Booty’s Park trails.  I don’t really know what to call this area of water, plants and lichen, but a couple on a hike said it reminded them of Japanese gardens.   Whatever you call it, I find it refreshing to see. 

More Wanderings on the Prairie

While some of this week has been about the manual labor of flooring work, I did manage to get out the door a little, but not too far from home.   The two photos posted this evening were taken a few minutes apart, both just west of Taylor.   For car admirers, that car sharing a field with some bovines is a Plymouth.  It’s been here a while, but this is the first occasion where she had four-legged company.  Those spots in the sky above the Plymouth aren’t digital dust, they’re avian.  And the horse?  Well,  I like horses … so there.  Both images were taken as sundown neared, the best time to have a camera.

Cloud Studies

These are some photos I took  Monday evening, when the skies held the promise of storms.   Actually, they never really came, but the cloud patterns?  I was impressed.   All, of course, are near my home on the Blackland Prairie.   Some are presented in both color and black and white, others, like this first one from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Wuthrich Hill, Texas?  Just b/w there, folks.  I like it just like it is.

Sundown Along Justin Lane

I could get complicated tonight, posting color and black and white versions of scenes taken Monday evening, but let’s just do this one, also taken last evening along Justin Lane, on the western perimeter of my little town, Taylor, Texas.   In an ideal world, power lines wouldn’t be in this image, but hopefully the other stuff going on makes up for things, at least a little. 

Festival of the Arts … and Fireworks

One of the fun activities for Georgetown’s annual Festival of the Arts was held Saturday evening at San Gabriel Park.  The festival’s focus is classical music, but each year, they offer up this free event in the park.  Folks bring their lawn chairs and blankets and listen to a bit of music.  Some wheel in on their tandem bikes.  This year, attendees listened to some bagpipes played by the Georgetown Fire Department’s Pipes & Drums, plus some delicate music performed by member of the Georgetown High School String Quartet.   One of the rules I’ve had, which I continue to break, are images of people staring into the camera.  Sometimes, however, it just works.  One young lady, 11-months-old, sort of makes the case for looking into the camera.  The night concluded with fireworks.  While I don’t care for fireworks, many people do.

Harvesting Time for Wheat

The other night, when my destination was a church I like to document was the plan, this family of Blackland Prairie farmers got my attention.  They include  two brothers and a son, going about  harvesting their wheat crop.   Naturally, the plan changed for a while.  The family, from Thrall, Texas, has about 2700 acres planted right now, most of it corn.  But we plant many crops in our rich black soil in Central Texas.