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Sunset in Noack

From earlier this week, sunset in Noack, Texas.   Noack is a little community between Taylor and Lexington, in the far reaches of southeast Williamson County.   Note the large aircraft in the second photo, one I’m guessing was on its way to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.   Maybe I was going to post something else this evening, but some broken eyeglasses changed the plan.   It’s a good thing I had these photos lurking around.

Trees, Fog, Water and Blue Light

For the second time this week I’m making another fog post.   All throughout the day, beginning early this morning and into the night, the fog and mist have stayed with us in East Williamson County, Texas.   Trees play a big part tonight, wearing their winter finery, stripped of leaves, showing off their nomenclature.   Of these six photos, all were made this evening with the exception of the. first one, made this morning.   I’ve always liked the tree in that one.   With a fallow field surrounding it, you get a better sense of our rich Blackland Prairie soil.   Wait a couple of months, however, and corn stalks will be showing up.   The other photos were in the far eastern corridor of the county.   The second image was made while light was still in the sky, giving it a nice feel.  The rest are all well into that blue light period, enhanced by layers of fog and mist.  Three of the last four were made on the grounds at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Wuthrich Hill.   The last one, with the two little trees was my last photo before going home.   The handheld shutter speed was one-sixth of a second.   Maybe I’m getting steadier in my advancing  years.    

A Donkey Interlude

Going for a visit to the farm of  Bartlett friend Joyce White is always a treat.   We visit a while, chatting about this and that.   And sometimes I go outside and take photos of Joyce’s glorious critters.    Some of the friendliest animals are her donkeys.     Next time, when I visit, maybe I’ll remember to bring them some treats.    This area we live in, the Blackland Prairie? It’s wonderful.   So is Joyce.

Fog and Mist in Georgetown

Fog is wonderful to photograph.   There was plenty of fog and mist at Berry Springs Park & Preserve in Georgetown, Texas this evening.    This park, adorned with trees and birds,  is perhaps my favorite in Georgetown.   The post begins with cormorants perched above Berry Creek and ends with blue night light setting in on a pristine evening.  

Skies Above Noack, Texas

After a while this evening, I felt like calling it a night and going on home.  Not much was looking good.  Then, a little east of Noack, Texas,  I noticed the sun beginning to go down over Christ Lutheran Church.    It wasn’t  a bad night after all.  

Simple Pictorials

The career I chose almost 50 years ago was photojournalism, or to use a less fancy phrase, newspaper photographer.    It’s a career that’s been good to me.   I still love making people photos, but since coming home to Texas in 2009, I’ve found an affection for what my photojournalism professor from UT-Austin call pictorials.   Maybe that’s what these few photos are.   Except for the windmill photo taken in East Williamson County, the photos were made in Bell County, Texas, where I can still find somnolent scenes.   While I’ll always defend my chosen newspaper career, I think newspapers would be well-served by occasionally publishing images like what you see here tonight.   If Facebook likes and comments are any indication, people don’t mind seeing them.

A Stormy Night …. And the Power’s Still On

It’s a little past 10p.m. on Friday night.  Thankfully, the power’s still on.  Weather forecasters spent copious amounts of time the past two days seemingly making things sound like Armageddon.    Hopefully, friends in other areas of Texas are okay this evening.    These are some images taken tonight.  The horse is an old friend I occasionally stop by to see.   It was very dim, but I managed a couple of photos.   The other photo was taken later tonight on my street in Taylor.   I was hoping for a good bolt of lightning.   When the rain began to come down, I gave up and headed inside, but there’s a little bit of lightning in this image.   And I like the light, too.   That one’s made using a handy tripod.  Thank goodness lightning avoided that piece of metal!

A Cloudy Full Moon

It was cloudy most of the day.  This afternoon the sun peeked out for a while, giving me hope I’d be able to view tonight’s full moon.  By the time moonrise came around, just before 5pm, the clouds had returned.   Thankfully, I was able to see snippets of the moon above the grain elevators at the Boehm family farm in Norman’s Crossing.   After a while, I turned the camera the other way, enjoying those clouds.  And the stairs leading to the top of the tallest elevator.   All in all, a good night. I never grow tired of our rural Texas skyscrapers. 

Night Scenes From Murphy Park

I love night photography.  One of the places I like to try my hand at it is at Taylor’s Murphy Park.   They have this nifty little light-adorned  bridge spanning the lake.   The first of these photos was actually taken in mid-October.   I’ve held onto it, waiting for a good time to post.  Tonight’s good.  The rest of the photos were made this evening.   The second photo is an effort to look at the first photo’s scene, but with a winter look.   The rest are just playing around with light.   The last two, the only ones where a tripod wasn’t used, show tonight’s Waxing Gibbous moon as it peeks through a cloud cover.   It’s at 96.9% visibility, but sure looks close to being a full moon.