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Golden Ponds

Even though I grew up in Texas, these little bodies of water, most meant for hydration of cattle, have been ponds, not tanks.   Calling them tanks just doesn’t feel right.   It’s too mechanical.  The offerings tonight are just simple little bodies of water on the prairie  …. little golden ponds.

Blue Light, a Little Barn …. and Trees

I’m juggling a few things this evening, friends so will limit photos to this one that keeps growing on me.   As you may know, anything with evening’s blue light is an attraction.   Although the need to go further into the countryside to find things I like, this scene is a stone’s throw from our home in Taylor, Texas.  

Some Things Matter … Special Olympics in Georgetown

There’s been much hoopla this week about Special Olympics.   I think it’s important.   Thankfully, the current administration backtracked by week’s end.   If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it.   This morning I was at Georgetown’s Wagner Middle School for the Georgetown Track Meet, a Special Olympics Texas event sponsored by the Georgetown Sertoma Club.   Included here are a few photos made for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.  Let’s let the images do the talking.  I’ll be quiet.   For now.

A Time for Wildflowers …. and Remembering

After an assignment in Georgetown this evening, I stopped by Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery and Prayer Gardens in search of wildflowers, and a chance to stop by the wonderful little pond that brings a sense of calm each time I’m there.   Arriving, I did see splashes of color, but something more.   Family and friends were gathered at the gravesite of someone who died less than a year ago.   Today would’ve been his 39th birthday.  Since my aim was wildflowers, a few photos were made, from a distance.  I didn’t want to interrupt.  A family member emerged from the group.  I introduced myself and he told me the family’s story.  This post gives you wildflowers and the little body of water, but a little more, too.   This was also the birthdate of my mother, who left this world in 1977 when I was 25.   She would’ve been 93 today.  

A Few Prairie Barns …. and a Windmill, Too

Tonight’s post focuses on barns not far from Granger, Texas.   I do love vintage barns, mainly because they have staying power, even when it looks like a strong wind will take them away.  But they remain.  The light shining on a wall of one barn comes from a farmer’s truck as he exits the pasture for the evening.   I figured that needed an explanation, but I like how it turned out.  The opening photo is on a little road well to the east of Granger, a road I drove down for the first time this week.   The late-afternoon/early-evening light falling on its surface was just the ticket.   Other images speak for themselves, but the last barn, a photo taken well into the night, had to share visual space with a nice old windmill.   Windmills, along with certain grain elevators, are our rural skyscrapers.

Evening Light West of Granger

There’s a well-maintained cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, along a picturesque county road just west of Granger, Texas.  I have seen Calvary also spelled “Cavalry,” for what it’s worth.    Recently, on an early evening wonderfully lacking much traffic on this winding road, I pulled over for a while.   From the markers, and the words above the entrance, my guess is that this burial site is predominately Czech.   There are quite a few members of the Kaderka family.  A neighbor, who grew up in Granger, now in his 80s, is of Czech descent.   The  light was exceptional, even for Texas, where it’s always good.   I like seeing the photos on some of the gravestones.  One shows a young lady, Sabina, a lover of cameras and boots.  Texas, friends. 

Finding New Roads

Recently, looking to expand where I wander, I’ve been finding new country roads on the Blackland Prairie.   Sometimes I do a Google Maps search.   I love Google Maps, but it’s challenging to just get in the car and go.    My drives aren’t usually far from home.   That’s the idea, right?   Anyway, these three photos are on a couple of those rural pathways.    Thankfully, traffic is at a minimum there.  So far.

Visiting a Favorite Barn

When we moved to Taylor in summer 2009, this old barn was an attraction I immediately loved. Just over a mile from our house, it’s situated at the confluence of two roads, one filled (for Taylor) with  a regular flow of vehicle traffic.    If I’m reading the real estate signs  correctly, the land on which this barn resides has been sold.    Does that mean its days on the planet are numbered?  Perhaps.    After a 29-year stint in Atlanta, my feelings about overdevelopment are well-honed, but I do understand that the useful life of some things come to an end.   The other evening when I stopped by, the structure was surrounded by an assortment of bright yellow weeds.  There’s a name for the weed, but it fails me right now.   If the barn goes away soon, at least I’ve made a few photos to remember it.

The Healing Gift of Horses

While much of what I do involves those pictorial/landscape scenes around my area, my professional life was (is) defined by community journalism.   With that in mind, it was an honor to spend this very long day documenting a Texas Special Olympics occasion  in Taylor, the Area 13 Equestrian Event.   That title sounds dry, doesn’t it?  Let me say this friends.  What I saw today at the Williamson County Expo Center was anything but dry.  Horses, one of my favorite photographic subjects, have an amazing ability to heal and soothe.  Although Area 13 encompasses teams throughout Central Texas, Georgetown’s Ride On Center for Kids, also known as ROCK, defines the medicinal value of horses.  While not all the photos posted tonight are ROCK participants, many are, including 12-year-old Chloe, pictured in the opening photo, followed by some well-deserved hugs from her parents.   If you’re expecting a sports-oriented post from this event, think again.  It’s about bonding, with horses, of course, but with supportive families.   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Blue Light on a Cloudy Texas Night

These are photos taken tonight.  While I continue to fill my desktop with images that are just setting around, when that blue evening thing kicks in, I’m all in, too.  A cloudy Saturday transitioned to a drizzly evening.   One is a lone tree in a field ready for Spring planting.  The other?  Why, that’s the state flag.  I’ve passed by this home many times, but it’s been years since posting it.   Some things bear repeating.