Prairie Grass and Hazy Light

This Saharan dust thing continues to fascinate.   As someone who’s dealt with allergy and sinus issues my entire life, I don’t have any business liking the stuff, but the atmospheric changes are  inspiring.   This is a field of prairie grass just over two miles from our Taylor home.   I took photos there on two recent occasions.   Granted, prairie grass is already phenomenal, but that layer of haze just adds to the warm mood.

Summer Solstice in New Sweden

Summer began this morning at 4:13 Central Daylight Time.   Most know I’m no fan of summer, my least favorite season. Being the longest day of the year is no plus.   I did, however, want to represent the beginning of the season.   My camera directed me to New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church tonight, where (finally) I observed another beautiful sunset.   I’ve read that this is the most photographed church in Texas.   I’ve photographed it quite a few times.    The opening photo represents the area as I see it.   That’s milo in the foreground.  Or call it grain sorghum.   This is farm country, friends.   The second photo is the more common image, but some like to see that sun looking really big.    Each to his/her own.

Wandering Around Thrall

These four photos were made this month around Thrall, Texas.   It’s a Williamson County community only ten minutes east of Taylor.   I find it refreshing.   That Crested caracara was still in the area when I drove by last evening.   A Great Egret finds a good fishing place over a stock pond (tank).    The other two are what they are.    I get too dang wordy at times.

Scenes from the Blackand Prairie

The Summer Solstice arrives Tuesday, June 21st.    For my friends in Texas, summer arrived in April.   Tuesday is what it is.   That said, just some recent photos from areas east of Taylor, beginning with a bit of a rainbow.  No rain with that, only a dab of color.  An aberration.   The others were taken two evenings ago.    Make of them what you will.

Photos from Juneteenth in Georgetown

I thought about putting a few more photos up, but decided to concentrate on faces.   Anyone wanting to see more is welcome to seeing them in the Williamson County Sun.   Among my favorites is the lady in her mid-90s, among the oldest attendees.   She’s included in three of these six photos.   The little boy is holding onto the arm of his father, the pastor at Georgetown’s First Presbyterian Church.   I kind of like that, too.   Just some things I like, friends. Especially the last one. 

Fishing With Dad

One of my ramblings this week took me Granger Lake.   There I found a dad enjoying an afternoon of fishing with his sons, ages 6 and 22.    He likes the peaceful mood he gets when coming here.   With Father’s Day this weekend, this seemed like a good post to offer.

Trees, Sunsets and Birds

I guess it’s a week for trees and sunsets, plus a few birds.   Advance apologies, but when I see something that catches my eye, a picture might be snapped.   Or a couple.   A little east of Granger, Texas last evening.   That’s probably some Saharan dust adding to the warmth.  

Celebrating Nature Every Day I Can

Via a friend’s post, I learned that today is Nature Photography Day.    These recent evening photos from Taylor’s Bull Branch Park were my planned post this evening, but it’s nice to have a theme.    Most of my daily walks lead through here.    Nature thrives close to home.