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Livestock Show
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The Art of Sharing a Tree

There’s a Great Blue Heron in Taylor I often see on my daily walks.   She’s an elusive girl.   Several times, I’ve returned to her area with my camera,  but return home with nothing to show for it.   One cold and cloudy recent evening, however, there she was, perched in her tree above her little creek.   Rather than just fly away this time, she remained steadfast while my lens eyed her up for forty long minutes.   Even a pesky squirrel didn’t faze her, as the furry little rodent hopped all around.   After a time, the squirrel moved on, probably in search of a nut.   The bird took a hint and departed, too.     I still don’t have the heron image I’m looking for, but persistence will pay off down the road, at least I hope it does.   It might be wise to emulate the patience of a big bird.

It Feels Like Spring!

Central Texas has been blessed with some really nice weather this week.   It may be about to change this weekend, but get out and enjoy it while it’s there.   These scenes are from Georgetown’s San Gabriel Park and were taken for the Williamson County Sun.

Having a Tea Party

Prior to “Beauty and the Beast,”  East View High School’s first full-fledged musical production held last weekend, the school held a Prince and Princess Tea Party for area elementary school kids.  Over 60 little folks, boys and girls, came for the fun.   Cast members, in full costume, helped with the doings, dancing and serving for everyone.  The food and drink was good, the colorful costumes grand.  These are some photos taken for the Williamson County Sun.

A Few End of Day Features

This evening ended without locating a particular bird that interested me.  In this instance, it was an owl, near Granger, Texas.   He/she eluded my camera.   In the place of my little feathered friend, I present these few images, taken at the end of another pretty Central Texas day.

Just One More Bit of Livestock!

If you thought I was done with the livestock show on that last post, think again.   Here are a few more from the Williamson County Livestock in beautiful Georgetown, Texas.

The Highs & Lows of the Livestock Show

Livestock shows are one of the events I truly enjoy.   For the kids who take part, it’s the drama of life played out in dusty barns as they give it their all for themselves, perhaps for the glory of their 4-H clubs or their F.F.A. chapters.   In Texas, livestock shows are an indelible part of our culture.   This will be the first of two posts on the Williamson County Livestock Show.  Here, my focus is on 11-year-old Colton Stark, a Georgetown youngster who showed his three hogs, Bacon Junior, Grave Digger and Psycho.   Bacon Junior fared well for Colton, earning him a second-place ribbon.   After that, however, it was hard going.   Grave Digger, through no fault of his own, experienced sciatica problems in the arena.   Psycho, as his name implied, was healthy, but somewhat reluctant to take directions from Colton.   There to offer support and comfort were Colton’s mom and dad, Craig and Brandi.  And his good friend, Gunner Clapper, also 11, was there for him.  That’s Gunner  in the next to last photo.    Young Mr. Stark will do well in life.   He’s got spirit and determination, even if this day didn’t end as well as he’d liked.   These photos accompanied a Williamson County Sun story by Joyce May.

Remembering Dr. King

For the past few years, since returning to Texas, I’ve covered the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday observance in Georgetown for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.   Compared to my years working this holiday for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, this one’s pretty small, but no less important.   One thing that organizers remarked on this year was the presence of Georgetown’s Mayor, Dale Ross, as an active participant, both in the march and attendance at the celebration service at Macedonia Baptist Church.  Normally, it’s my habit to not promote elected officials here, but it was nice to see Mayor Ross reaching out in the spirit of unity.   Thus, he’s on my site, too.  As well as Georgetown City Council member Rachael Jonrowe.   And let’s not forget police chief Wayne Nero.   Good for them all

.  Here are a few photos from this year’s observance.

A Superstar at the Palace

Years ago, when “Jesus Christ Superstar” broke new ground on stages around the world,  I didn’t have the chance to see an actual live production, but quickly purchased the soundtrack, one of my very well-worn tapes (does anyone remember tapes?).  You can’t miss with lyrics by Tim Rice  paired with music by  Andrew Lloyd Webber.    So it was a great pleasure to visit Georgetown’s Palace Theatre for their recent dress rehearsal of the production last week.   This local production, ably directed by Palace Artistic Director Mary Ellen Butler, is worth a couple of hours of your weekend, assuming you can get tickets.   Creighton Moench, the young man in the title role, is passionate in his Palace stage debut.   When not onstage, Moench continues working on his PhD in Ethnomusicology at University of Texas at  Austin.   He’s a busy young man!  Another fine performance was Clifford Butler, in his role as Judas.   If you can get tickets, make it a destination.   It runs weekends through February 15.   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

Just A Few Photos I Like

From time to time, my posts, like this one, may just be images that don’t clearly fit into a particular category.   If I were to pick one, however, cold, chilly, wet weather might be good.   For instance, the opening photo, taken yesterday afternoon, shows Lizzy Montes bundling up with Alex, her 6-month-old baby brother while their family enjoyed a day of fishing at Blue Hole Lagoon, in Georgetown, Texas.  Fly fisherman Bart Lipscomb visited that same spot, coming well-dressed for his day on (and in)  the frigid water.   Temperatures didn’t get out of the 30s.   Friends to the north might see us South Central Texans as wimps, but we fare well, thank you.  I did sort of feel sorry for that poor cow in Jonah who did her best to stay warm.   Alas, it’s the life they’re dealt, isn’t it?  A really nice sunset is also included.   Other photos  continue my fascination with the moon, a lovely orb.  The one on the rippling water, which may be hard to read, is actually a full moon reflected on its surface at Taylor’s Murphy Park.  Flags are another favorite subject so it was nice to juxtapose one at Taylor Regional Park on a very chilly night last week.   More to come as I find it!

Let The Year Begin

New Years Day in Central Texas was cold and wet, with temperatures staying in the 30s.    For some, like Renie Light, in the opening photo, a trip to Lake Georgetown was just the ticket.    I have to admit to an affection for days like this, too.   A positive result of the weather, at least for me, is that it seemed to wipe out my cedar fever allergy issues, always a good thing.   Another inspiring sight was Nick Catron, out for a walk with his dog.   Loaded in that huge backpack was a hundred pounds of rocks.   Nick did this in loving support for his wife, Millicent, who is working hard to conquer her weight issues.   Millicent was not far behind, pushing a well-covered stroller containing their 7-month-old son, Vim.   Miguel Coronado was greeted by an audience of geese upon completion of his run at San Gabriel Park.   And a Great Egret foraged for a meal on a hazy, smoky pond at Berry Springs Park & Preserve.    The cool weather will stay with us Central Texans for another day or so, but that’s okay.    These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.