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A Visit to New Sweden

The fascination with the architecture of churches in my area, particularly Lutheran churches, continues.   For this post, I paid another visit to New Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Church, in far Northeastern Travis County.  Last evening, heavy clouds came into the area, creating a somewhat gray appeal.  This church, however, has its own subtle colors.   Technically, I suppose it would be considered Manor, but the church sits along a country road that reminds me very much of my Blackland Prairie pathways, just up the street in Eastern Williamson County.   The road leading to this church has an easy name to remember:  New Sweden Church Road.   The church membership harks back to 1876, when it was begun by Swedish immigrants.  In 1879, their first structure came along, two miles west of this location, where the church’s cemetery is now.  The church shown here was built in 1922.   Until 1923, the sermons were conducted in Swedish.   New Sweden still meets here.   One of the sweet things about this church is you can see it from miles away, its tall steeple rising high into the Texas sky.

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