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A Slice of Spring Break in Texas

This coming week is Spring break in many schools in Texas.   On Saturday afternoon, I visited a few settings.   In this post, I’ll concentrate on just one place, my very favorite by far.  As I parked at Berry Springs Park & Preserve, my eyes immediately glued in on a gentleman, a boy and  a dog, enjoying a lively game of fetch.   With an abundance of rain last week, some of the park’s grassy areas became little ponds, perfect, it seemed for stick-tossing.   The original idea was to wander a few areas at Berry Springs, but the obvious connection between man, boy and dog was special.   After a few minutes, I stopped long enough to introduce myself and explain the camera’s presence.   All was fine.  The young fellow is 11-year-old Elliott Taylor, a 6th grader at Chisholm Trail Middle School in Round Rock.   Joining Elliott was his granddad, Tim Stewart, and Tim’s dog, Molly.  Elliott is spending Spring break week with Tim and his wife.  Oh, and let’s not forget Molly.  Between photos, we all chatted.   It turns out that Elliott is already an aspiring photographer.  Showing me some of his photos taken with his iPhone 5, I can see he’s got an eye.   I couldn’t help mentioning that one of my all time favorite photographers is also an Elliott, as in Erwitt.

Young Elliott and granddad were going to take a peek at the elder Elliott’s work.  I hope they do.  This is a nice family.  I’m hopeful one or more of these images will find its way into publication.

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