Thoughts & Images from Andy Sharp

A Unique Circus Appearance

We’ve had a great deal of wet weather in our area.  While the moisture was welcomed in drought-ridden Central Texas, it proved to be a challenge for the performers at the Kelly Miller Circus, who brought their act to Granger, Texas on Wednesday for two performances, courtesy of the Granger High School student council.  It was so wet, in fact, the troupe wasn’t able to put up their big top tent as planned.  The show must go on, and it certainly did!   The ring and seat were set up, sans covering.   Attendees were treated to an open-air event, complete with a backdrop of grain elevators.   In small-town Texas farm country, it just looked right.   Nobody seemed to mind a bit.   Children had a grand time, but so did those long past childhood.   There’s nothing like a circus to bring out your inner kid!   These were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

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