Miles and Miles

Ten years ago this summer we came home.    Among the first things I saw were an expansive network of fields on the the Blackland Prairie.  If memory serves, I was on a bike ride when I saw it.    After 29 years in Atlanta, Georgia, a massive metropolis spreading development, smog, power lines, strip shopping centers and cars in every direction, this site let me know I was home.  It might not qualify as beautiful to some of you, but it is to me.  Note that I grew up in the Piney Woods of Northeast Texas.   We had plenty of trees there, after Atlanta’s closed-in feeling this was nice.   It makes me think of a favorite song, “I Can See for Miles and Miles” by The Who.   This view was taken last night as warm light after a rain shower left us with this.   Our area is rapidly-developing, too, but thankfully there are bits of land like this to remind us it’s  not swallowed up yet.

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