A Visit to a Bartlett Barn

That headline is a little misleading.  The photos offered tonight were made on not one, but  three visits to a barn just north of Bartlett, Texas.  When mentioning to a friend my affection for barns, he replied, “you need to take a look at the big one just up the road.”  So I did just that.  The barn is overseen by Jordan Cato and his family.   Although a really large space, you don’t see that from the highway.  Among the things I saw there:  a carefully-covered sailboat, brought over to this country from England in 1921;  two barn cats, Fluffy and Brawley, plus Woody, a mighty nice German Shepherd.  And there are horses, of course.  A view from the back pasture introduces us to a dormant 1997 Volvo, a project car for Jordan’s son.  And one more sailboat, a small one that rests out back.   Just one of the bits of life to see on the prairie, friends.

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