A Granger Lake Sunset …. The River Flows On

Not finding what I was looking for last night,  I found myself driving across the dam road at Granger Lake.   There’s this love-hate relationship with man-made lakes.   They are born when a natural body of water, this time the San Gabriel River, is dammed.   There are various reasons for this, ones not presented here.    The notion of stopping the eastern flow of the river began in the mid-1930s.   By the 70s,  the matter was settled.   A new lake would come to Central Texas.  Work began in 1973, with completion in 1980.   Along the way, a community, Friendship, Texas, was swallowed by water.  Enough of the backstory.  These photos were taken last night near sunset.  The last image is on the eastern boundary of the lake, where the San Gabriel  continues its meandering, eventually joining the Brazos River.

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