A Fine Festival in McDade, Texas

Because it sounded like a whole lot of fun, I drove south from Taylor this morning to attend the 71st Annual Watermelon Festival in McDade, Texas.   Located about 34 miles east of Austin, in Bastrop County, the latest figures I could find say the community is around 700 folks.  Never let it be said that Texas towns, no matter their size, can put on a good show.   There were a number of activities throughout a mighty warm day, including a parade, a largest melon winner, a car show, vendors (plenty of food and drink, not just watermelon) and live music.  Among the competitions:  horseshoe pitching, watermelon eating, seed spitting, washer pitching, a riding lawnmower rodeo and an auction for the prize melon.   For history buffs, you could pay a visit to the McDade Historical Museum, a part of downtown McDade since the early 1870s.   Though warm, I had a fine time there.  If I hadn’t wanted to get this post done, I’d have stayed for more. That little guy in the last photo is one of my favorites.  His parents were helping oversee the watermelon eating contest.  He was quite comfortable and cool sitting in the midst of a trailer’s load of ice-filled melons.   He had the best seat in the house!

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