A Constant Presence ….. For Now

This summer I’m paying attention to places and things I’ve seen in the ten years since we came home to Texas.   In 2009, while riding my bike along the wonderful country roads east of Taylor, a small farmhouse, with a sturdy tin roof  commanded presence in the middle of a field.  A few times over the years since, I’ve taken numerous photos there.   About two-three years ago I started noticing a large travel trailer parked in front.   Since that didn’t add to its charm, I drove on by.   When driving past there this week, the trailer was gone.    The cotton was growing nicely and the sky looked wonderful.   I made about six frames before moving on.   I occasionally speak out about overdevelopment where we live, but fully understand if a family decides to sell the land around the house.  We do what we must.   The scene will go away, but for now, it’s there.  And that makes me happy.

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