It’s Not Summer Yet, But Then Again … You Texans Know

The day was spent taking photos of folks beating the heat in Georgetown, Texas, first at Blue Hole, including anglers.   The opening image, taken early-morning, is a fisherman enjoying the day in pristine surroundings.  He got here about 7a.m.  When checking back at 11 he was still at it.  Another angler, almost 6, was on her first-ever fishing expedition.   Blue Hole Lagoon is closely aligned with the South Fork of the San Gabriel River.  It’s really a pretty spot.   The waterfall there is divine.   One photo is presented in color and black-and-white.   I’m partial to the monotone version.  It simplifies and clarifies what I want to impart.  The last couple of photos were made this afternoon at San Jose Park in Georgetown, where there’s a very popular splash pad.  It’s the same child in both images.  I can’t decide which is preferable.   That’s it for now, friends.

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