Some Holdovers From Last Week

Presented tonight are some photos taken at the end of a rainy afternoon and evening late last week.   They were made on the night the rainbow was photographed.   I didn’t want to go overboard on that post, but tonight’s a good night to offer them up.   All are in far Northeast Williamson County, very close to the Bell County line.   Wildflowers seem to find their way into photos this time of year.   If you look to the lower right of the opening photo, you’ll note a dash of pink, Pink Evening Primroses sitting in the middle of a field of corn.   A little west on the same stretch of road the water made things look shiny.   The last photo, on a somewhat soggy dirt road, a Great Blue Heron ambled by.    There’s a whole bunch of stuff that never gets posted anywhere.   I’m trying to get better at that.

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