Back In Time …. Union Station in Texarkana

In either late-1973 or early-1974, while still a student at UT-Austin, I lugged a 4×5 view camera home to Texarkana with the notion of using at Texarkana’s Union Station.   By then, the venerable old structure, dedicated in 1929, resting its bones in both Texas and Arkansas, had been closed for quite a while.  Trains still ran on the tracks in back, but the station itself was closed.   Approaching it, I found two things astonishing:  1) No Tresspassing signs were non-existent, 2) it was open.   So I carefully walk inside, setting up shop in the cavernous space.  It was really spooky.  After a while inside, I set up the camera in back for a few photos.    These photos are just copies from large prints as I’ve not been able to locate the original film.    Is Union Station still intact today?   I think so, but would be eager to find out.   If it is, no doubt someone couldn’t just stroll in like I did in the early 70s.  

2 thoughts on “Back In Time …. Union Station in Texarkana

  1. Nancy Elizabeth Stropeni

    Hi…I saw your pictures of the Union Station in the Facebook group…Remember in Texarkana.

    I was wondering if I could get a copy. I grew up here and moved back after retiring.

    Your posting there led me to start following you on Twitter. I like what you are doing there also.

    Anyway, let me know.

    1. 23642459 Post author

      Apologies for the late reply, Nancy. The photos posted were just copies of pictures, am not sure they’d be something you’d want. I’m still searching for the original film.


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