Finding Her Bovine Way Around the Fox Ranch

My friend Carol Fox, a writer and teacher who also happens to do a bit of ranching (with her brother,  John)  in Circleville, Texas,  was interested in getting some photos of a newborn calf.  Since we share phone numbers and email addresses, I asked that she let me know when the ranch added a little critter to their herd.    The little lady (or is it a little man?) came along last week.   Carol texted me and I moseyed on over.   Since the actual moment of cattle births are generally hard to pin down, Carol guessed the calf was maybe two days old.    Thankfully, the herd was in a field easy to navigate.  Still, it was an interesting game of tag keeping up with these bovines.    As the sun went down, mama and baby wandered into the west, through a stand of trees, exiting to another pasture.   They’d had enough of me.   With Carol’s permission, the last photo is of her.   Life on the prairie is a joy.

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