A Return to the Rookery

Every year, when autumn takes hold in Taylor, a part of me is glad that cooler weather is coming, but it also means the rookery goes a little quieter.  The cormorants, geese and ducks, a snake or two, and a few cattle egrets are there, but the egrets, Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets to be specific, have moved on after bringing new life into the avian world.   Then comes spring.   The migrating birds come back.    If you were to stop by here during the day, it would still appear to be an empty place.  That’s because the parents are out foraging for food for their new family members.    If you go by in the early-morning hours, or the time around sunset, you’ll see them coming back to their nests in large numbers.   While I am compelled to document my Blackland Prairie area, the rookery, only a mile from our house, is a place I cherish.

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