Springing Forward …. My Thoughts

Each year when it comes around, I let my feelings be known about Daylight Saving Time. Silly me. I thought the current Texas state legislators were going to consider removing it from our lives, but it’s still with us. In just a few hours, at 2a.m. Sunday, we revert to DST, with us until November. For the first couple of months it’s not so bad. Consider this. It’s hot in Texas. Our summers, and even our springs, are toasty. Even as this is written, on March 9th, our air conditioning is already working hard. By the time July comes around, more daylight means more work for overloaded energy systems. Beyond that, I like evening light for its purity. For some friends, who work stressful jobs, Daylight Saving Time is a Godsend, allowing them extra time for exercise, playing at the park with the kids, horseback riding, etc. I try to be understanding. Really. But doggone it, ugly light is no fun. These photos, all tripod-mounted were made in and around Taylor’s Bull Branch Park. I’d apologize for the words in this post, but seriously? I’m not happy about this.

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