Some Old Images From My Shreveport Days

This will coincide with my social media post I call old junk Thursday.   These are three photos all taken in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana.  The first image is the most recent, made in January 1980.  With all the grousing about my profession in recent years, I still like thinking about this old gentleman relaxing with his newspaper inside the lobby of the Creswell Hotel.   My guess is both he, and the hotel, are no longer with us.   The other two were both made on the same day, September 10, 1975, a time of year when it was still dang hot in northwest Louisiana.  In the second photo, a gentleman hangs his head out the window of the Medical Arts Building, hoping for a little breeze.  Note the price of parking at the bottom of the image.   The last photo was taken as a city bus ambled by, his window rolled back to get a bit of breeze, such as it was.   It’s a subtle photo, but nice to happen onto something not seen that first time in 1975.

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