A Post Without a Theme?

Come to think of it, there is a theme, isn’t there? The photos posted tonight all were made on a stretch of East Williamson County, Texas many of us call the Blackland Prairie. The opening photo is an old farmhouse I try to check on every few months, mainly to see if it’s still there. It sits by a dirt road at the lower portion of one of our expansive fields. At some point I expect it to be gone. Our wind is pretty strong. Each time I see the house it appears to be leaning a little more, but hey, it’s still with us. For now. The second image are some fine-looking horses photographed on a foggy night near Beyersville. The final photo is Christ Lutheran Church, located in the community of Noack. The venerable church congregation has been meeting for over 125 years. A couple of years ago, a tornado tore through this area. While Christ Lutheran sustained damage, the church returned to its members better than ever. This and that, friends, but with a prairie connection for sure.

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