A Gym Built to Last in Granger, Texas

During one of my early-evening ramblings recently, I was about to give up and head on home. Driving along a county road just east of Granger High School, however, I saw a light shining through a window, powerful enough to demand attention from two blocks away. Rather than going on home, I drove to the light source, which turned out to be the venerable gymnasium at the school. Since moving back to Texas in summer 2009, I’ve admired this building, but never stopped to take photos. That light, however, was a good reason to get acquainted. The photo session continued while I unpacked the tripod and took a few more photos, including one of the school mascot, a lion. Back home, I did some research and found out the gym opened in 1940, a Works Progress Administration project, part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. From 1935 to 1943, the WPA employed 8.5 million Americans at a time when it was most needed. I was intrigued enough to ask for a peek inside the gym. Granger High School principal was gracious with his time, allowing me to snap a few shots inside. Although this gym has been replaced by a more modern one, it’s still utilized for physical education classes and other school functions. It cheers me that the people in this small Central Texas town want to hold onto the things that count.

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