One Beautiful Tree On the Prairie

Recently, a friend, knowing my affection for trees, told me about one in Bell County with “a great canopy,” a massive and regal Live Oak resting atop a hill east of Bartlett, Texas. It’s that time of year when things slow down, giving this old retired fellow a little more time to wander around the Blackland Prairie. And I do enjoy wandering. So, at the beginning of the week, I did some rambling. The photos were taken over a two-night period. While possible to get a pretty good image from the road, I wanted to get to know this tree a little better, leading me to pull into the driveway of the house nearby. There I met the nice fellow who has lived here for quite some time. He graciously allowed me access to a few better angles. Honestly? No photograph presented here can do this tree proper justice. But I sure enough tried. Us Texas folks are lucky to have such royal trees in our midst.

2 thoughts on “One Beautiful Tree On the Prairie

  1. Janice

    I, too, have a love for trees. I have seen this tree lots of times. It is truly a magnificent sight at the top of that hill!


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