The Night Before Christmas in Norman’s Crossing

With no plan tonight, my cameras and I stopped in Norman’s Crossing. It’s been a while since I paid a visit to some very affectionate horses pastured behind the Norman’s Crossing Community Center, also home to Brushy Creek Baptist Church. While enjoying time with the horses, folks began to arrive at the church. Of course. This was the night for a Christmas Eve service. For a while, I observed this through the windows, but kept my eyes on those beautiful horses, too. About two years ago, on one of my wanderings, I met these horses. The building, however, didn’t look like any kind of church structure I’d known. Some research provided the answer. This church began its life as a one-room schoolhouse. This led me to Jock Norman, a grandson of the community’s founder, then in his early-90s. Jock had a set of keys to the community center. “They (the church) rent the space from the community center,” explained Jock. It’s no longer a school, but it has purpose. As do those wonderful horses. Happy Christmas.

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