As Dawn Approaches

Getting up early is really nothing new. Lucy, our cat, and Star, our dog, make it clear when it’s time to get rolling. However, to get up, get dressed and head out the door well before sunrise? That can be challenging. Age has its rewards, but muscles, bones and joints don’t always relish quick starts. These photos were taken last Sunday morning. The pets were fed, my wife was sleeping soundly. Out the door I went. The first stop, thirty minutes ahead of sunrise, was at a spot overlooking the San Gabriel River. Have I mentioned just how much I adore that body of water? It’s nice. The second photo, with a field of hay bales, was kind of exciting. It was maybe 15 minutes ahead of dawn, but the sky was magnificent. A photo or two was made without any point of reference. Along came the hay bales and I knew it was just right. These early-morning skies don’t stay that way very long. This one last maybe 7-8 minutes. As I rambled along, the sunrise imminent, a good hill, and a couple of trees were a good spot to usher in the sunrise. The final image, taken perhaps 15 minutes past sunrise, includes a Waning Gibbous moon, not quite full, but close, as it neared moonset on a serene and elegant Sunday morning.

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