A Windmill Interlude

These are some recent windmill photos taken in East Williamson County, Texas.   The opening photo was taken on a very lightly-traveled county road, the traffic non-existent on the night I made the photo, allowing use of a tripod and longer exposure.   It’s a long-dormant homesite.   The only thing left, it seems, are trees and that sturdy windmill.    The second, another longish camera exposure, west of Granger.  Once again, the tripod came in handy.  And what few drivers passed by were understanding of an odd fellow on the roadside with a camera.    The last photo, through a stand of trees, shows a well-worn windmill missing some of its blades.   One would assume this one’s retired, but still holding firm.  Since I was standing  in the middle of this road, with a few more cars, no tripod was used, but the ambient light was good.   No worries there.  

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