A Granger Christmas

I love my Central Texas area in so many ways.   While not aligning politically with many of my fellow citizens, the uniqueness exhibited here is wonderful.   One community I like a lot is Granger, up the road a piece from our Taylor home.   This community, 1400-strong, just put up its annual Christmas tree.  I’d passed it a few nights back, but only gave it a passing nod until a friend mentioned that the tree was adorned with cotton harvested from area fields.   How the heck cool is that?    So the main images tonight are of the tree, plus a couple more, lights by the town’s S.P.J.S.T. Hall.   And Santa Claus.   In January, I posted a photo of his visage peering at me from the second-story window of an old building.   It was neat to see Santa still there… still keeping an eye on things.    God, I love small-town Texas. 

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