A Fishing Contest In 1982

A few weeks ago I took photos of a kids’ fishing contest at Georgetown’s Garey Park on a cold December morning. In looking for something similar, I came across photos taken in August 1982 at Sweetwater Creek State Park, in Douglas County, Georgia, about 20 miles west of downtown Atlanta. The differences? While for one thing, these were summer photos. Also, the fashions of the period probably date these, too. But the similarities are more important. Despite a 36-year difference, it’s still fishing. It’s still kids being outside, not in front of electronic devices, spending time with parents and grandparents. The Atlanta Journal & Constitution was a big-city newspaper, but they allowed me to pursue the things I thought important, too. People might tend to want to refer to these images as “cute,” but really, it was, and is, about covering the slices of life we all see. The freckle-faced boy in the opening photo sums it up nicely.

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