Sausage Time in Walburg, Texas

While everyone else was getting excited (or not) about the mid-term elections Monday night, I was at Zion Lutheran Church in Walburg, Texas for their annual Wurstbraten, a celebration of sausage, friends and some really amazing smoking pits.   As in past years, church members prepared 12,500 pounds of sausage, then smoked it over coals created from some fine chunks of oak wood.    While the pits are  cool (maybe hot?), the gigantic metal thing posted here is the steel incinerator built in 2011, a year when Texas was in the midst of a huge drought.   Fire officials in the county said they couldn’t burn the wood for coals unless the fire was contained.  In response, church members built this incinerator, where the fire is kept well in control.   Included with this post are a few photos of young folks enjoying their meals in the huge church gymnasium.   One little guy, age 3, shows up in a few shots.   His expressions are priceless.   

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