A Flagpole (and a flag) for Joyce

Joyce White, 85-years-young, is one of the smartest, kindest, most patriotic people I am honored to know.  Her husband was a decorated World War II veteran.    When hearing this week that a Boy Scout from Troop 167 in Taylor earned his Eagle Scout designation by placing a flagpole at her home between Granger and Bartlett, I thought there’s no more deserving person on the planet.   What makes this sturdy flagpole even better? When darkness comes, a light automatically comes on, making it visible from quite a distance.  Here on the prairie, we’re fortunate in that we have the ability to see into (almost) infinity.   One of the things I love about Joyce is that she doesn’t  like to call attention to the good things she does.  And she does quite a lot.  With that in mind, a photo of Joyce is included, but the focus is that flagpole, a beacon to treasure.

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