A Couple from Georgetown’s Field of Honor

Another post from the Field of Honor, 2000 American flags flying at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown through November 12th.   In its second year, the Field of Honor is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Georgetown.  Two photos from Sunday’s official opening ceremonies.  In the first image, an Air Force veteran, 89, was  concerned that a flag was off kilter.   Not liking that, he paused a few moment to make it right.   While the flags were being placed the day before, a couple of veterans did something similar, a simple, but touching act.   The second photo is a member of the Buffalo Soldiers, based at Austin’s Camp Mabry.  He, along with three other Buffalo Soldiers, took part in an interfaith Blessing of the Field and Celebration of Gratitude.  The gentleman pictured, I am advised, is a Vietnam-era veteran.  

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