Night Skies on the Prairie

One thing to count on, friends is that I will return to the same subject matter time and time again.   Part of this, of course, is the fact that we seldom wander far from our Taylor home.  Then again, even if I were to wander to places far away, my favorite subjects would be right here on the Blackland Prairie.    If what I do bores you, a suggestion:  search elsewhere.   My feelings won’t be hurt.   Photos taken tonight pay yet another visit to Norman’s Crossing, Texas. The Boehm family has been very accommodating.   I am most grateful.   These grain elevators have been in their family for generations.  The opening photo is a few minutes past sunset. The second image is far beyond that.  The skies above?   They belong to us all, but it’s nice to see them while standing on a fine piece of land ocean.  

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