In Coupland, Texas

What you don’t see here, but available for viewing on my Facebook page, is a 1991 photograph of County Road 457, just west of Coupland, Texas taken by one of my esteemed instructors from University of Texas, Frank Armstrong.   Mr. Armstrong did quite a bit of wandering on the Blackland Prairie himself before moving to Massachusetts, where he lives today.   In his 80s, he’s still teaching.  And I’m still learning.    After looking up County Road 457, I took a drive there tonight to record my own scene.   Frank’s is better, in glorious black-and-white, probably taken with a 4×5 view camera, perhaps even 8×10.   The cemetery at right is for St. Peter’s Church of Coupland.   While there, looking to the left, cows were nudging each other atop a hill overlooking the road.   It was a deadend road in 1991.  It remains so today, ending at Brushy Creek.  Since the cemetery was across the street from the church, I stopped by there before going home.   

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