Early-Morning Moon

Our dog knocked on the door this morning well before dawn.  Since it’s also trash pickup day, I stepped outside, noticing an extra dose of warm illumination.   Looking up into the eastern sky, there was a fine old moon gracing us with its presence.   It’s not good to let something like this go unnoticed.  Strapping a camera around my neck, I made a few frames, using one of our trees as a point of focus.  Autumn is a season where I normally get bothered by that tree because of the massive leaf droppings  it deposits in our yard, but this time, it added something.   The moon, by the way, was in its Waxing Gibbous phase, not quite full, down to 95.5% visibility, but  just fine as it was.

One thought on “Early-Morning Moon

  1. Leslie Knight

    These are lovely! It’s nice that a mundane task can turn into a fun discovery! You really are a talented guy!


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