A Road That Shines in Granger, Texas

Sometimes I’m just not feeling it when taking those daily drives around the prairie.   Monday night started out that way, an evening of light rain, and  clouds that didn’t add much to the landscape.    As I drove into Granger a little after 7, however, I was gobsmacked by the road in from of me.  West Davilla Street, the community’s main road through town, was  glowing like spun gold, and a little red thrown in for good measure,  too.   So far, the town of a little over 1400 a little over 40 miles northeast of Austin,  has kept its wonderful brick street.   The rain falling gently on its surface was calming.   The street I grew up on, in Texarkana, Texas, was also paved with bricks, and remained that way until sometime in the 60s, when city leaders decided it was too much trouble and poured asphalt over it.    Anyway, I have a soft spot for brick streets, especially when they shimmer.   

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