Scenes From the Clayman Rodeo

The Clayman Family Rodeo’s 25th anniversary event was held Saturday evening in Georgetown, Texas.   Because the arena was full of water after a steady afternoon of rain, events were moved to a covered arena at Windsong Farm.  The Clayman event was begun by Kelly and Jim Bob Clayman, both former rodeo stars.  Throughout the year, they instruct young equestrians in all things related to horses, not just rodeo.   The annual rodeo is a way of honoring the work done throughout the year.   As rodeos go, it’s not typical.  There’s barrel racing and pole bending, a little breakaway roping, as in the opening photo, but you won’t see those more strenuous events as you would in typical rodeos.   There’s a little action in this post, but beyond that (hopefully), a sense of the culture … a grandpa with his 2-year-old grandson, both wearing their cowboy hats, spectators for the night’s fun, three sisters, ages 4, 8 and 10, finding a good place to watch.   There’s Mary Jo, recovering nicely after a spill during pole bending.  Finally, there’s Kyle, an 8-year-old cowpoke, a student of Jim Bob and Kelly, but on this day, a helper.   I like this little  guy’s style.  He’s the one also presented in color.   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun

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