Back in Time to 1973 East Austin, Texas

As part of our photojournalism  program at University of Texas in Austin in the early 70s we learned in the ins and outs of view camera work.  For those not familiar, a view camera is one of  those very large bellows-operated things that requires use of a tripod, with the photographer ensconced  under a black cover, focusing  on ground glass that is upside down and reversed.   While making exposures on 4×5-inch sheet film could yield amazing results, one of the reasons for the class was to make us slow down and really “see” what we were framing.   It was a grand idea.   I can’t speak for my fellow students,  but when I returned to a 35mm camera, I really did see things more clearly.   These photos were among a few taken in the East Austin neighborhoods in 1973, back then a working-class neighborhood.   The neighborhood’s still with us, but now has become gentrified, way too pricey for many of the area’s long-ago residents.  One thing this post doesn’t do is give you a sense of the detail obtained from a large-format camera.   

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