At the Rookery

Is this beginning to be a broken record?  Nevertheless, my fascination with the rookery at Taylor’s Murphy Park continues.   As long as there’s air in my lungs, this will be a place returned to as often as possible. It centers and calms the stress of any given day.  As mentioned before, this place is a meditation.   One of the nice things about the rookery is simple:  I get off the country roads, actually standing, or sitting, and watching what happens.  No motor vehicles urging me to mosey along.    Another plus:  it’s a mile from our house.  Even if it wasn’t, I’d still stop by, early in the morning, or, as with these photos taken recently, in the hours leading to the mellowness of fading light.  

One thought on “At the Rookery

  1. Leslie Knight

    Hey Andy,
    I would like to discuss buying your photo of the 5 cranes at the rookery.
    It is the one where they appear to be nesting.
    I love it!
    Thanks ,


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