A Symbol … And Some Night Scenes

This has been a most stressful week for our country, evident in the social media posts I am seeing in abundance.   With that in mind, I open tonight’s offering with a barn I first photographed a couple of years ago in Travis County, Texas.   During some Friday evening wandering, without planning to do so,  the barn, now with a lovely light, came into view again.    This flag …. any flag, really, is a symbol, in no way the exclusive property of a political ideology. Think about that for a bit.   Add to that opening photo a couple of photos taken tonight around my Blackland Prairie, including something a little past sunset, a little north of Hutto, followed by a cyclist, adorned with night lights, getting in his daily miles along a fine stretch of road outside Taylor a few minutes before 8.    If you can, friends, lower your stress. 

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