Helping Families Get Ready for School

This weekend I attended two happenings, one on Saturday, the other today, both  at the Boys and Girls Club of Georgetown.   The events  focused on helping kids and families get ready for the upcoming school year.    On Saturday, Celebration Church Georgetown handed out 650 backpacks.   Later this month, they’ll travel to Austin and hand out 950 more.   And today was the culmination of the Georgetown Area Junior Forum’s Fill the Bus campaign.   Approximately 800 families lined up to receive not only free backpacks, but school supplies to fill those packs.  Georgetown Area Junior Forum is a group of Georgetown-area women who give back to this diverse community.  They deserve reams of kudos for what they do.   The first five photos are from Saturday’s session with the folks from Celebration, the remainder from today.   There’s a rule I occasionally break, the one about people looking into my camera, what I call iPhone deer-in-the-headlights moments.  Normally, I don’t like those, but with the faces of this beautiful children, I think it’s just fine.   These photos were made for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

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