A Visit to Immanuel

This week we’ve been back in Texas for nine years.  During that time, I’ve taken photos of Immanuel Lutheran Church in West Taylor, the Church on the Hill, quite a few times.   Until last evening, however, I hadn’t thought to look behind the church, where I discovered Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery.  A sign at the cemetery gate says the cemetery formed in 1886, but I’m going with what I see on the church’s website, 1889.   The church itself was first built in 1894.  In January 1916 a fire destroyed its sanctuary.   The congregation rebuilt, dedicating their new sanctuary that Fall.   It’s the church that stands today.   But back to the cemetery.   A look at the church’s site told me the first burial was in 1889, a little girl, Minna Roeske, born May 16, 1889, passing from this world October 20, 1889  Tonight, I returned to find her grave, represented here.   Immanuel has German roots.   You’ll see gravestones engraved in that language.  In fact, Immanuel’s services were only conducted in German until 1929, when both English and German were spoken.  I’m happy to have “discovered” the cemetery last evening. When returning tonight to find Minna’s grave, the cows in the pasture were absent.  It’s a good thing I stopped by on Monday.   I’ve photographed this church many times in nine years.   God willing, I’ll represent it here again.  

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