A Texas Angle of Repose

With apologies to the great work of Wallace Stegner, “Angle of Repose,” allow me to present this warm sunset, taken last evening.   I was visiting with a dear friend, who lives on this beautiful stretch of road in East Williamson County, Texas.   Looking west, I hastily explained, “time to go!”   These photos were taken from the end (or beginning) of her long driveway.  Since traffic was minimal, I stepped out into the road a few times.   “Repose” is defined as ” a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.”   Let’s go with tranquility here.    I watched that hot ball of light for a few minutes, its rays caressing the asphalt with color. By the time the sun began to fade, the light faded, too.  The road was once again just a road.   But I got what I wanted.    

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