A Bridge in Milam County

A friend recently mentioned an old bridge in Milam County, Texas I might like.   Last week I took a drive east to Apache Pass, to the Worley Bridge, a truss bridge built in 1911, spanning the San Gabriel River.  It’s a one-lane bridge along County Road 428.   I was happy to finally find it.   Once I did, I parked on the shoulder and walked around for a few minutes, snapping a few photos.   During that time, I got some curious looks as big old trucks, barely able to fit, ambled across.   One fellow stopped, asking me “Whatcha doing?”  You know, folks, when someone’s got two high-end cameras draped around their necks, isn’t it obvious?   But being the nice fellow I am (sometimes), I just responded “Taking photos!”   That seemed to satisfy my visitor.  These photos were taken in a pretty short time period.  You can only stand on a one-lane bridge so long before things get dicey.  This bridge was completely restored a few years ago.  It looks grand.  I do wish the river had a little more water though.   Droughts are no fun. 

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