The Rewards of Conquering Our Fears

Let me get this out of the way up front …. yours truly is averse to high places. Think of that as understatement.   In a way, it’s funny because when I was a kid, the roof of our house was a place I used to go to for reflection.  Don’t misunderstand.  That caused perspiration, too, but once up there, the neighborhood view … and the peacefulness …. was nice.   As I grew into adulthood, however, that fear of heights only increased.  Back in the 70s, my wife had to call the fire department to extract me from the roof of our house in Shreveport.   I made it up there to do some roof cleaning and commenced to freeze.  Since returning home to Texas a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated with those shiny, but tall grain elevators that adorn this countryside.   A farmer friend offered to let me climb up to the top of the tallest one.  “The view from up there is great!” he explained.   I thanked him, but declined.  Fast-forward to 2018.   Our new veterinarian, Dr. Dana Boehm, grew up a farm girl in Norman’s Crossing, Texas.   Her brother Troy is tilling the soil on about 3600 acres this year.   And they have some mighty fine grain elevators. Recently, picking up some meds for our dog, Star, she offered access to the tallest of her family’s elevators.  “I’ll spot you,” she offered.  Last night, with Williamson County storm clouds looking nice, I decided to accept her offer.  From a distance, they look imposing, but the first steps are pretty easy.   The last journey, to the summit, took  a bit more work.   But when finally making to the top, surrounded by acre upon acre of fields filled with corn and cotton, all I could do was take deep breaths, sit down and say “wow.”    Was it worth it?  You betcha!   Near the end of this post is a photo of Dr. Dana, and one of, well you know, right?  I’ll be doing a little more in coming weeks as Dana’s brother begins his corn harvest.   But last night was a milestone for a big old chicken.  Thank you, Dr. Dana.

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