The Joy of Bonding With Horses

This is one I took Tuesday evening after wandering in and around Coupland, Texas.   These are three brothers, getting in a ride before that setting sun goes below the horizon.   To reiterate:  equestrian pursuits are a part of our culture.  

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Bonding With Horses

  1. Shirley Davis

    Since I have left FB for a while, I will continue to follow your photos here. The stress of the day with Luna caused Chey to spin into a manic stage. I was stressed and didn’t handle things well. It was best for me to come home for a bit and get some medical issues under control anyway. Chey and I are still communicating through messenger and she sends me pictures daily. The baby’s surgeon said her surgery will roughly be in about 9 days now. We will go back for that and support Cheyenne and Luna. My son, Cheyenne’s dad, is staying with her in my absence. Thank you for following her progress and I will keep you updated with any changes. Your photos have been a source of solace for me.

  2. andy sharp

    Every week I think about leaving Facebook. Keeping in touch with friends going back almost 60 years is the main reason I’m still there. I get tired of the constant dissonance exhibited there. Get some much-needed rest, friend. It makes me feel good that someone is getting comfort from my photos.


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